‘ve been fighting for 18 years not to drink coffee with you

statement: This article from December 24, 2007 "China Youth Daily" Author: ".

3 years ago, a wheat "I struggled for 18 years before you sit together and drink coffee" caused much sympathy, children of a farmhouse after 18 years of struggle, to get on an equal footing and the metropolitan in the peer right, a true portrayal of a generation. However, over the past 3 years, I come to realize that he too early. What about 18 years? I can’t sit down with you and have coffee while the rich times stack up.

when I was 25, a master’s degree in exchange for a hard at work night and day, forehead wrinkles, exceptionally clear, but did not dare stop at the foot of the half step. If you do not want to let the account back to the country of origin, have infinite generation after generation of descendants quickly, find a job in beijing. You? You don’t worry, World of Warcraft and red alert? Early tired! You plan to "overweeningly ambitious business entrepreneurship". At that time, Robin Li, Chen Tianqiao, Zhou Yunfan, Niu people have not turned out, Baidu, Google, perfect world is a distant term, youth invincible invincible, you built a distribution site in the campus, put up a pageantry to prepare the size of the media reporters rushed to. 334 bedroom very quickly in the whole building one of the little girls to send pink stationery from far apart from each other, admiring wrote: "you know the wonderful story from the newspaper……" Empty, climbed the roof blow, I turn to you to take care of their own people beam with joy, he said, brother, how to get rich together


well, I can’t, unfortunately. You are in business, can retreat into the attack and defend the chess, start-up capital of six dependents to help raise Sangu, even if frustrated, parents’ 20s, the warmth of the hearth will never fail. The failure to me, means that every summer, Spilled water cannot be gathered up. suffer a big, in order to save three hundred dollars of the money machine, the parents to carry a lumbar muscle strain in the sun to harvest 5 acres of farmland. I finished my first interview in a borrowed suit and made my first date with a beloved girl in a borrowed watch. When you got your first investment and excitedly reported the whole class, I calmly traveled through most of the city of Beijing to do my last tutoring. Yes, this job, low technology content, but in the first month of wages issued before, I rented a tiny bit of land and rations on which all maintain.

is not long, the Internet also suffered a cold, you felt down to venture into communications companies, state-owned properties, I was a foreign employment. I have just limited outlook, thought to regain a bureau. Mingmian on wages, I exceed the length, than you after 8000, staying in 5 star hotel, 10 days paid vacation a year. Like to work hard, believe that after a few years have a fairy tale ending, "and the princess live a happy life".

Soon, I

good times don’t last long, understand why everyone is that white-collar curse words. The package rate of the office building is 35, and almost nobody talks to it. Lunch time, the most sought after is the corner of the microwave oven, "white-collar" who carry "!"

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