One of China’s bottom of the small webmaster shout

is now developed in science and technology, and the Internet is spreading. Especially for a populous country like China, it is surging like a tidal wave. Sites such as bamboo shoots after the rain one after another, the station is not difficult, but the difficulty how to survive on their own, how to promote their own websites, and even how to make their stand to profit. These problems are not difficult to spare, one has great dreams of the webmaster.

read the pipeline story of the dream of establishing a pipeline, their true, who do not want to have a pipeline can make their own lifetime? See many friends everywhere crazy to build the pipeline, after the building will not go to him, or he is too tired to not, than the first pipeline fall. At last the pipes burst and their beliefs and dreams became dull.

In fact,

pipeline is our site, we need to choose a good framework, set a good goal, and then strive for this goal! Of course your website built after we need to promote, this knowledge is too great, here I will not dwell on it, how to promote is to study the method of changing every day, this method is feasible, perhaps this method will not work tomorrow, oh, I have a friend who said he used to use P2P a day can bring at least 5000IP of traffic, but it is now very difficult.

I’m just a rookie, he also built a play station to this station (fit higher) I’m really haggard, old people in a circle, but it has no improvement, think about the station itself but in addition to heartache, striking one snag after another, or heartache! But I have not wavered in their faith


station built a few days, just when I am proud of my masterpiece when it was closed, and asked the space provider, the answer is no record, I quickly go to the record. After the opening, I learned to others advertising alliance advertising, I put the adult advertising today before delivery, second days to be close, the reason is being reported with adult content, no special forum for the record! I was completely Speechless! You said I invite who, to pour this the adult life of the mold, ad I even, but this special forum record, the forum has several others?, angrily, I changed the space is really tired.

I’m not here to complain, but I just want to tell you, now is really well done, tired half-dead a little but not return, that only a little sense of achievement of our hearts.

who can understand us these small webmaster pain unknown to the public, to the forum to promote their own station, was IP as failure forum content bad guy in the group, send their address and T as the idiot out of the group, and friends chat last words were "free to go to" I look at the station, the face of a friend’s invitation to play at the weekend have declined, girlfriend nagging about his care less, all this only.

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