What is the second count of the website Google new technology allows web pages to be loaded instant

, a company that lives in the Web world, has always spared no efforts in improving the performance of Google pages. Today, in order to allow users to browse the web faster, Google combined with 8 technology companies and nearly 30 news organizations with the release of a mobile page speed (Accelerated Mobile Pages) open source project. The result is that you can really open a web page at once, and it’s hard to believe that this is a Web page for someone who has been using it for the first time.



introduces the product, we might as well have a look at how fast the web page will be opened on the phone after using this technology. As you can see from the GIF diagram above, when the user clicks on the guardian’s news on the Google search results page, the page is really loaded right away, isn’t it?

After reading

, you might wonder why Google pulled a bunch of news organizations on the new project. In fact, to some extent, this product is also the response of Google to Facebook, Instant, Articles and Apple News. Google didn’t want to lag behind when both Facebook and apple wanted to give readers a more friendly journalistic experience.

from a product point of view, users can access http://s.g.co/ampdemo to experience the effect of AMP technology. For example, after a user search in Mars Google, Google will be provided with Mars related, from major news media related information in the front of the search results, and these contents are can be instantaneous open.

in terms of technology, using AMP technology "can open so fast, this is mainly due to the elimination of all kinds of web page code may slow down the speed of the part, such as the third party of the script file, some HTML tags, advertising and so on.


because AMP is an open source project, users don’t use it only on the Google search page. Since Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, WordPress.com, these well-known Internet services will also integrate AMP technology, so in the future on these sites should also be able to implement instant news content effect.

, on the list of news agency listings offered by the AMP’s official website, is well known outside the New York Times, BBC, the guardian, the economist and other internationally renowned media, such as Japan’s Asahi Shimbun and daily news

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