Webmaster sentiment the website is a tree waiting for Baidu save money or money

this morning, the first thing to open the computer, and all the webmaster, check their website collection and ranking, and deliberately look at that target, keyword still not in. Yesterday morning, found that the original target page has been done, do not know how suddenly disappeared, turned over the entire search results have not been found. I heard that Baidu has the habit of "exhaust", thinking that it can return to normal today, but it still hasn’t been found. Then open the Baidu statistics visited yesterday, thought that the target keywords have disappeared one day, is a new station, not other target keywords to the home page, not what flow, although some did not expect the flow decreased, but still can. A closer look, it is recently published in other websites bring links, which gave birth to a sentiment. Do stand fast for a year, weekdays also have some insights, here and write it out, and communicate with you.

sentiment one: the website is a tree in the Internet,

although the target keywords ranking disappeared, unable to get traffic from search engines, but from other sites are still leaving the site links to get traffic, so I think the Internet site is a tree in the parable of the very image. That page is the leaves, the station links and navigation is the branches of the tree, and that the chain is the root of the tree, search engines are irrigation canals. Although there is no water in the ditch, but as long as the chain is numerous, roots developed, the site will still flow. This is a metaphor and let me think of the search engines before the Internet, each site is not relying on the chain of communication between each other and get traffic? Now many sites are dependent on the survival of search engine, but also a lot of good websites, like Sina and other big websites even without search engines the traffic can still survive. This is the realm of standing, the real master.

since the website is a tree in the Internet, then the webmaster is the person who grows the tree. Webmaster through extensive contacts, will own web site firmly rooted in the Internet this big net, so as to let the website get exuberant vitality. When it comes to extensive links on the web site for extensive links, webmaster is, is a wide range of interpersonal relationships and networks, webmasters can only learn to build relationships, learn the relationship marketing, to make your site grow with luxuriant foliage.


website in the Internet since it is a tree, so it has the growth and maturity, the webmaster want to have patience, loneliness, and website grow together, and should not do some short-sighted behavior to spoil things by excessive enthusiasm, let the site root deep with luxuriant foliage.

sentiment two: wait for Baidu or serve the reader?

this disappearing target keyword, is the painstaking effort only then does. In order to serve the Baidu spider to get good rankings, written in the original target unnecessary to add keywords, be friends joke said was "not written", in order to rank everywhere links, for three months, only the word will be home. And not knowing what?

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