Standing on the shoulders of giants my passion for nternet start ups

an electronic commerce, can not help but think of "China first e-commerce" – Ma, Ma had to set up a professional "information superhighway" — electronic commerce, experienced a difficult process from the swindler to madman to fool "is not understood. In the end, with faith and perseverance, from Alibaba, Taobao, Ali mom, reputation network.

, one of the partners of the company, Mr. Xu, chairman of, found me in 2010 November to build a new platform –

for the group purchase platform, at first, in fact I am not very optimistic, mainly feel Li Kaifu’s three point is right, his three points as follows: first, the threshold is low, easy to be as long as very little capital can do group purchase website copying, some college students started to do this kind of website; second. To big companies, low profit margins, is very difficult to calculate can achieve earnings of $100 million; third, the business is difficult for repeat – user benefit, but only to see the price, Chinese consumers more concerned about the price, so rarely repeat customers, businesses eventually won’t feel satisfied with this promotion service.

, but I finally chose to cooperate with Mr. Xu and work together to buy the platform — bitter gourd net.

when I joined the bitter gourd network platform, another batch of voices came out, some friends said Yuan Zidan anything to plug in, some friends said Yuan Zidan doing things, miscellaneous, disorderly.

actually, I know better than anyone about the choice and direction of my career. I have a long-term goal and a short-term goal for my career.

, as the saying goes, "only when you have weather, geography, people and three people can you succeed.". Unless there are some people, he a good foundation, for example, had had a good education and original venture capital, he does not have in some conditions, can also go to business, also have the possibility of success, but I know, I know myself, I also believe in yourself will start on the road, through this kind of wind and rain, but eventually will be able to create their own career.

I really started in business is engaged in the Internet, but before that, in fact, can also be said to have done some small entrepreneurial road, when I was in primary school, and my sister began to buy popsicles, a weekend to earn five cents, each country to sell, but also there are some oranges (I, corn Township piece without this something, and my elder sister husband’s family is a mountain, they were the main income is orange and corn, so that their home is very much, where they bought back, the price is very cheap, but because there is less, so the price relatively high, in the school to buy, we are according to the number of buy oranges, small five cents, one of the largest share of the money we can buy 15 Fen, a primary school has seven hundred or eight hundred people, usually.

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