Small and medium station owners should pay attention to several issues

online writing how to do the station, there are many articles, write how to optimize the article, there are many. Here I will not repeat, and today, I say from another point of view, in doing the station should pay attention to those problems, and communicate with everyone experience.


(1) IP site selection, now the search engine on the website of the audit efforts more and more strong, many websites are often search engine K, or IP by the search engine blacklist. So, your site will be search included, or have a good effect, you may say? So, the first step to do stand, the choice of IP, or IDC vendor selection is very important, for you this IP data check, check whether previously allocated to some the station, these stations have been previously had a bad record search.

(2) the choice of domain name provider. Why do you say, if you put it before, this argument may be redundant, but with more hackers, more and more business Service DNS server is always black, making your website always cannot be accessed, you said it was important not important?

(3) must find a stable space, which is very important. Because once the space is not stable, you SEO do good are not used, will be search engine K. In this way, many of your efforts will be wasted.

content construction:

(1) on the site of the choice above, try to choose the original or false original, now the search engine, if not original, included the possibility is very small, so, in order to your site has a better ranking, or try to have the original or false original content.

(2) in the content input, try not to let the same title, or a very similar content, this should pay attention to the problem, many people’s content is collected, may collect more than one site, causing many duplicate content, this is not very friendly to the search engine is not included, to do the long tail.

(3) the frequency of content updates must be very good grasp. To adhere to every day better, so more get an updated snapshot, but every RE content to do a very good control, not updated a lot of content is a good thing, may be the search engine that fraud, so your home will be right down, therefore, the updated content the proportion of a certain control, and, in the update, you will control your keyword density, otherwise, your SEO is not good, moreover, the update time also pay attention to, usually in the morning 8:00 to 10:00 is a prime time to.

external promotion:

(1) not many forum message, blog group built too much, because at some time you can really bring some traffic, but with your article is deleted, your weight will immediately talk, so now the search engine.

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