Grab powerful B2B market share weapon

Since 2008,

has entered a mature stage with the B2B e-commerce. In a border free trade area, to build the B2B industry chain, the industry is almost a person with breadth of vision and each large network vendors invariably consensus, reduce circulation cost, improve trade efficiency, promote the industry chain downstream better and faster communication, e-commerce is a pressing matter of the moment. It is easy to business network in this trend, through continuous development and improvement, to provide personalized service, to attract the majority of small and medium-sized B2B site owners settled easily to business network, easy to business network has established a perfect talent recruitment, procurement channels, the establishment of product supply and purchase, the one and only B2B trade information station system provider.

According to iResearch

to be released "the second quarter of 2008 Chinese B2B e-commerce market monitoring report" research shows that 2008Q2 Chinese B2B e-commerce operators revenue growth of 3.9%, the main reason is the sluggish growth of the external macroeconomic environment remains sluggish, by the impact of foreign trade, in this case, operators have to adjust business strategy to increase online exhibition activity seriously, and oriented to the long tail business business, try to avoid the single source of profit. According to statistics, by the Beijing Olympic Games, is expected in 2008 China’s online marketing market will exceed 13 billion; by 2010, China’s online marketing market will reach 23 billion yuan. China’s online marketing market is facing unprecedented opportunities.

in the face of such a huge market, the Olympic marketing also coincides with the rare opportunity of various network marketing tools, marketing tools, their debut. Mainstream network vendors, differentiated into search, ranking, and e-commerce by the marketing function model, the two camps are competitive inside and outside. Temporarily, the Internet community is booming. B2B search, which spans two camps, has attracted much attention recently.

as a service to many small and medium-sized enterprises in various types of network products, with its different features, each with its own characteristics. B2B e-commerce has experienced years of development has become better, the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises have benefited from the coast from the unique mode. There are some companies, started early adopters of a hundred responses to a single call "B2B+ search" mode of marketing platform. They want to be on a platform to achieve search engine rankings and B2B electronic shops two marketing results.

easy to business network ( is the latest version of the B2B electronic commerce website system set two mainstream network marketing: basic keyword ranking and B2B electronic shops, B2B business search engine appears to streamline appearance, simple operation, unchanged for many years the formation of the search engine user interface using the classic "simple" habit. Integrated search and B2B two model of network marketing platform, to provide easy imitation template for you free of charge, imitation China manufacturing network, Tootoo net imitation, imitation Ming million net, imitation Chinese chemical network, Chinese imitation clothing net template, for you in the B2B network marketing.

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