Grassroots opinion make recruitment must face industry pain points

a wide variety of online recruitment platform provides a new perspective for the public, the network let us know, the original work can look like this. Why do you say that the traditional recruitment of talents is more through the exchange of talent, market or talent exchange meeting, so that the restrictions on time and space are larger. You need to be able to find your job, and you may not be able to find a satisfactory job when you step out of the house. Because the information is huge, filtering complex. A person’s perspective always has a narrow side. And the rapid development of the Internet, but also to the recruitment market has another world. Good customer service recruitment network of traditional realistic recruitment shortcomings, facing the society with a more open attitude, let us break the constraints of time and space, in a variety of information to screen a job for yourself. Such advantages are not only for job seekers, but also for employers.

we are becoming more and more inseparable from online recruitment, but we also need to know that there is a hidden minefield in online recruitment, and we need to be careful enough. So, in the end what is the network recruitment minefield? Today, Xiaobian carefully to help you sort out, let you know better how to use this network to recruit a platform, especially for users of online recruitment of both sides, this has different thinking.

first, the Internet is playing a more and more important role in public life, every year to use the network to recruit the number also increased year by year, people seem to be more willing to use this a more convenient platform. However, online recruitment is a relatively young platform, compared with the mature talent exchange market, the development experience of online recruitment is relatively weak. However, every job hunter is mature and has a high expectation of the job value. The first minefield was created when the two collided. How to better apply the network and optimize recruitment with the network has created a huge problem. Network recruitment how to get out of the current situation of lack of practical experience, and better serve the wider recruitment of users of the network, this must be a huge problem. This seems to need time to overcome, but also need to practice to be optimized, network recruitment conditions for the thinking of China in practice on the basis of what should be in one direction.

secondly, the field of online recruitment is also a relatively good and bad circle. Many of the friends who enter this industry are in order to obtain certain benefits, and want to get a slice of it. However, there are some differences in the quality of each investor. It can be said that money is an aspect of investment, but more need to optimize the social resources as a support, relying solely on funds may not be able to bring the network recruitment industry a better spring. So, if you want to move into this market as an investor, you need to think about your strengths and weaknesses, and compare the strengths and weaknesses of the web industry. Otherwise, it must be a huge minefield that gets you off the hook. For a whole network >

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