For 10 years the community has shared 5 misconceptions about community recruitment and skills

2017, good melancholy, and immediately began working for 12 years, spent 10 years as a community, in fact I do these work, nothing more than two things: take the stage, let the people sing the show should be singing. I’ve never felt so good about myself, but I’ve been patient for too long, I’m patient, I can hold on. Everyone can see, 2005 to do operations, now there are several day, jumping around very active this year? Do not make money, "notes" the operation I earned 2 block 50 Fen (deduct tax), the public number in 2016 and posted on the more than 20 thousand, anyway, it will not be rich, right as the public benefit of the internet.


finished talking and went back to business. I have interviewed one thousand or two thousand people, and this community is also my old line. Today I share some useful experiences that I think will help.

one, user operations and content operators better use

currently on the market, most of the product operators, users, operators are not many, and there is a phenomenon, many users under the banner of operation, in fact, or product operations.

Users of

operators in the community, the less, also has a relationship with the community development these years, the BBS era came to an end, driven by community net operating era has ended, the community is difficult to be realized, deep pits, doorways, everyone is in the same situation. Multi investment manpower, good products, relatively more cost-effective. We have analyzed 360 operating modes, tool type products, such as security guards, even if I move in the past, a luxury team, the number of users it is not able to rise from 900 million to 1 billion.

There are several typical features of

user operations:

1, you must contact the actual users, you can control and precipitation of the value of the core number of users, determine the strength of your operating capacity;

2, by 20% of users, Pyramid top users drive 80% of users;

3, must be a generalist, with a variety of integrated capabilities, so in the community platform is not set up a special operations operations Commissioner of this position;

4, with 42 pounds, small cost to do great responsibility, to identify with users as the goal;

5, steady work is often more valuable, to accumulate steadily terrible, so sales boss often frown upon our thinking;

6, user team management, and user packaging are the two most difficult aspects, and also belong to higher order content;

7 can not be speeded up, practice and experience is the kingly way, and 100 thousand real users have dealings with people, naturally different.

8, must understand user psychology, must understand the rules and play,

9, product understanding, will be on a realm;


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