Zhang Xiaolong said that WeChat insisted to the center is that really good

does not provide centralized traffic portal, simply through the game flow, not healthy. WeChat yesterday in the open class, Zhang Xiaolong for the first time through the video explains in detail about his WeChat public platform eight point of view, from the speech, Zhang Xiaolong can be seen as one of the top managers are paranoid, he is really the WeChat as their children, should not have to have any excessive commercial behavior to tarnish its purity.

Other views of

Zhang Xiaolong I declined to comment, but the words "WeChat to create a real system to the center, does not provide an entrance to the center of the flow, the public platform for all third party", and that the flow entrance in the two-dimensional code, for this view to veterans reservations.

WeChat traffic portal is really "go to the center",


multi center traffic inlet does not mean no center. From the current actual situation, the main entrance flow WeChat are three blocks, one is the first half of this year launched WeChat wide point advertising platform, the WeChat two is the circle of friends to share, three is a two-dimensional code business line scan code powder. The three flow, operation difficulty is the lowest and most likely to be effective on the WeChat wide point, and it has also become a WeChat game is another big cash cow, flow entrance WeChat products wide point is the essence of a center, by the polymerization of the huge amount of C to the B end to end flow selling businesses Zhang Xiaolong said, "do not provide a centralized traffic entrance to" public platform for all of this cannot justify. The huge flow of WeChat circle of friends is also becoming a traffic center waiting for Tencent to cash, we can predict is in front of the commercial interest of Tencent will not miss the traffic circle of friends commercial mining, the possible realization of micro-blog Q and hand space information flow advertising has provided a successful model. Before the market also rumors that WeChat is plotting search, the future launch of Baidu bid like the bidding system, the probability is very high, search itself can be regarded as a centralized traffic inlet.

WeChat "go hub" really good,


Zhang Xiaolong in the design of WeChat newbest place lies in the development of the WeChat and WeChat public, wide point, business and the media since the introduction of WeChat ecological system, the flow of closed loop logic is: since the media platform for manufacturing high-quality articles to attract users to browse the shared access to fans and attract users click on the ads from WeChat by advertising revenue, while the business is through a wide point in WeChat WeChat since the media advertising to get fans, on the other hand through the same quality the suck powder, so as to realize the flow of cash. In other words, businesses, from the media, users, third party developers, platforms together to build a WeChat ecosystem.

veterans believe that Zhang Xiaolong advocated WeChat to the concept of centralization, including its previously proposed WeChat is not a marketing tool point of view, in fact, simply stand in the user’s position to look at the ecosphere. Public accounts backstage, people can not afford Tucao bad experience, a variety of business marketing

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