Programmer what on earth are you worth

online accidentally saw an article today, he wrote the encounter and they have many similarities, the number of words, three hundred or four hundred words, but the name N do web design aspirations, including myself, have a deep feeling!

I still remember last year

to work in the city computer city, is said to work rather than to learn the knowledge of the hardware! About 3 months or so, after a friend recommended to do a network marketing company, at that time, and my boss said the work is very simple, first of all a company’s marketing website, after work every day on the simple maintenance on the line, the temporary wage is XXX yuan (in this city that wages are broken is good), until the business development of the company up to give you up, ah, I think it is the development of enterprises, the first and the old in the common fight the total, All sufferings have their reward. but I think is wrong, that day, sad ah! Don’t say that I have two years of experience in the establishment of the ah, this salary? In this way memories, remember the time in the first half of 05 years, 19 years old, just graduated from school, An old friend found me, and told me he wanted to be a download station, mainly to provide some hacker software, game plug-in, asked if I was interested in together, think about, just can apply what they have learned, agreed, did not write the program on the Internet, a dynamic and easy procedure two people, simply modified, in a week time to complete, then upload the program in space, and then submitted to the major search engines, less than two months, the flow of every day in the more than 5000, I have to mention the registration of corn,, ha ha, this name a little arrogant, playing games with friends should not be unfamiliar, 17173 is a game integrated station, make a great, we just do unilaterally download Plug-in, software, including some entertainment, game information that made less than half a year 17173, no PK, but we were PK down the old, now in retrospect, if we have our own server, to ensure the stability of software download on your own server, estimates now or a little-known


to the end of the year, I am a person again movie station, like corn is, love broadband, this is like my corn, the movie station once brilliant for a period of time, the highest IP is more than 10 thousand, PV3 million. At the beginning of the little traffic, all rely on Baidu to bring to me every day hundreds of IP, I was 3721 by the income that click on the ads, 1000IP seems to be 60 pieces of it, think it is cheap ah, do or forced to click! May some friends will ask me, why do I want to own the mobile phone alliance. Yes, a look that is a lie, who is stupid to get mobile phone registered. Well, I guess I’m wrong about that. It took two months to get my income to be about 300 dollars. My heart was relentless and I didn’t do any advertising. It was free. Thanks to the spinach, don’t get me wrong. It’s not eating spinach. Oh, spinach is just his screen name. Ha ha, thanks a lot for the spinach (and other friends)

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