Secret DC businesses the difference between exclusive and shared bandwidth

What’s the difference between

100M sharing and 2M, 5M, 10M exclusive? Well, that’s good,

?Of course,

exclusive good, although the 100M sounds like very good, but if it is not exclusive, sometimes with less than 2M alone, you are sharing some other customers to use this one bandwidth resources, and exclusive is your own use, so it is stable.

exclusive and sharing, beware of black hearted businesses cheat

fast sharing, the whole room is internal use of 100M bandwidth connections, generally the total bandwidth of a cabinet is only about 10M, for the cabinet all servers sharing (generally 15-18 Taiwan, have put more than 20 sets of intestinal malicious), each server can only be assigned to the average bandwidth of 1M. Because a large number of servers usually bandwidth below 1M, so in general circumstances, 100M share of customer bandwidth used 2M is no problem, the peak time I’m afraid everyone will grab bandwidth. 100M share this form is now the most common, the lowest price, performance is also good, generally we look at the various web server hosting quotes are refers to this form. At present, in Beijing market, for example, the price of single track computer room is 3000-4500, double line and multi line (effectively solve the problem of North-South access speed), the computer room price is about 4000-6000. Century, Internet, halo, new network and other well-known IDC prices in more than 7000, I tested the halo, the new network bandwidth is not particularly ideal. According to my recent inquiry, I understand that the lowest price of double line computer room in Beijing market is the data room of Chang’an Avenue with interesting data center. The price is about RMB 3200 yuan.

exclusive, such as exclusive, exclusive 2 trillion trillion, 5 exclusive 10 megabytes, which refers to the server you can enjoy this bandwidth, regardless of busy leisure, at any time can go to the exclusive bandwidth capacity you buy, the server will not be shared with other people, the server’s interference, the price is more expensive. In general, the quality of the computer room will be exclusive to customers free of charge bandwidth real-time monitoring platform, allowing customers to keep abreast of traffic. For example, the PRTG data flow monitoring system with the interesting data center. Flow monitoring is necessary, we can monitor the system through the accurate understanding of the current bandwidth occupancy, you can avoid being deceived by black heart businesses.



so, needs to be emphasized is that exclusive and share is two completely different concepts, the two price cannot be mention in the same breath, even the exclusive 2M price than your original share. First start-up, not well-off friends, or choose to share as well.

then a cabinet Internet connection bandwidth really is? In fact recognized to have 10M good, why? There is a word, don’t worry about fast Ethernet is not enough, you can continue to.

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