Some ideas about how to enrich the content of your web site

now do stand, the most headache is how to enrich the content of the website. When you have the website subject direction, group oriented positioning, the first to be solved. I believe many grassroots webmaster want to make the original, do not want to rely on a collection, then people to produce high quality original content is too difficult so, we follow the trend of acquisition, even the station is part of the

acquisition station network!

I started in December last year set up a website before the end of March but still can’t find the website operation idea, decided to consult graph king.

once asked Wang how to map rich web content. Hope to model stationmaster net like this, there are so many authors willing for him to write the original? It is XiMoRuJin graph king: the promotion of


I then asked: "when there is no value in the content of the website, promotion useful?"

no, below.

may be too stupid to think of the depths. Maybe it’s about core business secrets. Think carefully about "promotion first," and maybe that’s what it means:

first do some of the content you want to face the user group, and then blow their own web site, how to provide advice, services, content?. And then go out to promote, publicity, people to patronize, over time, high popularity, fame will come up, forming a brand….

, but I still don’t get it..

through this period of time, to observe many successful websites, learned a lot.

webmaster Admin5:

we all know that Google spider almost every minute to catch the stationmaster net content, this is why everyone in the published half an hour (including audit time) or so you can search on Google to your own article. Think webmaster network user group is big, in fact most people want to in Webmaster net hair soft Wen, publicity yourself. So I have to make original. Of course, mainly between the webmaster exchange experience, skills and so on.

Wang’s propaganda: "Wang’s story, we should have seen, interested, dedicated, enthusiastic and helpful.". Promotion is cattle, into many webmaster groups, publicity, help others. Formed a good reputation. Naturally, the webmaster all likes to come to the stationmaster net to exchange the study. Eventually form a webmaster portal.

blue ideal Blueidea:

this site is some technical design staff favorite website, provide technical tutorials, experience skills, landscaping design works to share and exchange forum, he gave free to publish their own works, and works by major media coverage. So many people are willing to share their work and share the experience of others. When the content of the website is more and more substantial, the person that comes also is much. Over time, the formation of a brand.


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