Forum community promotion road how to promote the forum community

almost every day on the Internet there are various types of forums, "fresh baked", the same every day there are various types of forums closed. Because forum type website builds simple, cost is low, the function is rich, so this type of website also occupies the vast majority of proportion in the Internet website. Then, how should the forum community website be promoted?

first set up a forum just on the line, to a study of the forum area, a series of key words to determine the site, then the key arrangement, screening, and title and description on the site of a reasonable and effective arrangement, if you don’t have too much money to do the promotion, not too much the resources of original content, so when choosing keywords don’t choose too popular, related products can be provided by Baidu, Google and other search engine keyword analysis. As for these tools, I’ve been in great detail for some time ago.

site keywords, title, description after finishing, so content? How to build the community website content? If you are willing to invest in some website, you can go to the writers forum like, looking for some writers to do original content arrangement, the number is not to be a one-time after finishing, content construction is a long-term work, can establish long-term cooperation relationship with the writer, the webmaster rely on specific standards for investment quota, I suggest stationmaster net is updated every day 2 more than the original article. If only two a day, the construction of what time? Oh, every day update in two original content at the same time, the owners of its own technology, can do some work to grab, but remember not to grab as the content of the site of all, I suggest stationmaster net daily update of the original article and grab content for 1:15, that is an original article, up to 15 corresponding to grab the article, it is mainly to let search engines better, if the original articles and content to crawl out of proportion, so that a search engine can easily be judged as spam sites, it is not good for long-term development.

OK, the putative site every day to 16 articles, including an original and 15 grab article, so after a month, the number of web page content should have 480 articles, in the work is carried out after a month, we must carry on the popular online so-called "pseudo original" work, remember pseudo original will not, determine the technique of page content similarity search engine has been very mature, and even according to the observation of stationmaster net recently, Baidu on the false original article crackdown greater, so webmaster remember, pseudo original articles do not exceed 1/10 of course content update. At this time the webmaster friends have to ask, since the crackdown, why do "pseudo original"? I tell you this is the station network, in order to better cater to the search engine, do not question, search engine on a website evaluation standard is varied, but also a number of point of view, if a website is original >

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