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this week, interest community and lifestyle App sugar founder Zhang Juan heap on the company’s business has made a relatively large adjustment, from the original graphic form to expand the field of short video, large funds to support the KOL platform about the contribution of travel, photography, delicacy, home, and other types of private property to share a short video, purpose through the development of the electricity supplier platform rich content.

recipes to share a short video and delicacy kitchen electricity supplier App "day to cook" co-founder and general manager Wang Xiaoxiao is optimistic that, when more entrepreneurial lifestyle into this field in a short video form, on the one hand can provide more opportunities for KOL vertical, are more likely to get the attention of the capital.

, it’s not an easy decision.

teletext or short video

because of the relatively low threshold for technology and model entrepreneurship, mobile end products around lifestyle startups have been in the mobile app store for the past two years. In the capital has not yet focused on the field, these female dominated founder attempt in between "advertising" and "sell" the two profit model to find their differences in gameplay, commercial exploration.

Guo column was born in 1989, after graduating from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, joined the Tencent, 2013 entrepreneurship, made a face MOE late last year, in June this year, Meng Meng did APP first. Guo column to share him from high school’s growth story, why do face adorable power and inspiration at first, and when the first face adorable so that the process of entrepreneurial team how to find a new direction.

Guo column story for Tencent to reflect, how to better integrate let 90, so that they can obtain the space of creative ideas. Tencent products, such activities are a beginning, but apparently far from enough. Tencent and even the world must constantly remind themselves that a new era has arrived, to learn from 90 entrepreneurs, better understanding of 90, after 00.

two, my university


, founded in Hongkong in 2013, has been awarded the "B+ round 35 million RMB financing"

lifestyle entrepreneurs around the KOL opinion leaders in the App platform to earn the first pot of gold. Compared to individuals with relatively stable income sources, entrepreneurs are more likely to face problems and pressures: profit models, financing pressures, product mix, and business depth.

rebellious high school, I love the young, feel very cool, the brothers have very good friendship, was also very idiotic. There is one thing: 500 meters from the school gate, every time after school is not to go to school, from the wall next to turn out, I think this is more fun, a little bit.

lifestyle is more difficult to popularize than pan entertainment, and the market is more niche. Chatted with several of the founders in the field, trying to draw a rough outline of lifestyle entrepreneurship from three "left" or "right" directions.


in the five guests of the presentation in the Tencent’s products home, Guo column has a special status: former employees of Tencent.

high school is not particularly obedient, but also played two frames, second times more serious, people call the police, and he is 18 years old, the teacher in the playground crying. I think, fighting I did not cry, what the teacher cried, I was moved, but also very self reproach, the teacher in charge has apologized for me second times, and then apologize is not good, because I did not apologize, it is his apology. At that time I have thought about whether to drop out of school, after all, this matter is very serious, the class teacher said, still very optimistic about me, I think this person is not particularly bad. The family didn’t blame me, and said, "never mind, we won."". I am very moved, how can I have such a class teacher and parents?.

I am a very ordinary person, experience is not complicated, learning is not very good, share some entrepreneurial feelings.

foreign, from giants to grassroots entrepreneurs, in the past year will be short video touted as a "Red Sea."". Industry rookie "pear video" upload 500 short video a day; micro-blog add short video portal, WeChat recently opened in the circle of friends upload, share local albums short video permissions. Choose this opportunity to enter the short video, in the end is window opportunity or fierce competition?

one, my high school

share a private menu, help people pick a suitable high-end underwear, and teach your boyfriend to take pictures……

July 19th, "Tencent products Salon: 90 entrepreneurs special" held in Beijing, this article is the face Meng CEO Guo column share content.

I set a goal for myself, hoping to get a good university for them, not for myself. I didn’t know the Huazhong University of Science and Technology at that time. It was said to be about the same as Wuhan University. Sometimes the ranking was slightly higher. I think they would be happier after the exam. When I was in senior year, I set a goal for myself and wanted to go to Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Get up at 5:30 every morning and go to bed at 12:30 at night, the mobile phone off, for a whole year, I dumbass slowly from a counter attack, the college entrance examination results came out at that moment, a girl asked me to score, I told her this, she began to cry, she is in the upper reaches of our in class, my score is much higher than her.


, a short video UGC user generated content than the graphic content threshold is high, the quality requirements, bandwidth and storage requirements are new problems, before this heap of sugar is a similar to the Pinterest photo sharing community and interest.

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