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,     information security, this is a 1%, 2% win negative business era, a message can be about the success of the enterprise. This information is in its own hands is the trump card, in the hands of the opponent is a bomb. Such important information may be in the boss’s brain, in the company’s computer, on the back of a print, or even in a litter basket. The possibility of leakage at any moment results from the loss of the company and the destruction of the company. How are you going to guard against it?   let information security "is not install anti-virus software, set the password on the computer?"" When you think so, you just like 95% of the world’s people, have miscalculated, underestimated the fatal impact on the company’s information; in the world there are 5% people, fear, awe, anxious to strain information on the business world explosive influence, who they are: NOKIA, Microsoft, and Coca-Cola……  : when you read this article, there are 2 enterprises all over the world because of information security problems, there are 11 enterprises because of information security problems, causing about about 8000000 of the direct economic losses. This article summarizes 30 fatal details by investigating 100 managers, which will help you become an information security expert quickly.   1 printers – 10 seconds delay brings information holes. Even a laser printer has a delay of more than 10 seconds, and if you don’t stay next to the printer in ninth seconds, the first person to see the file may not be you. Most modern companies use public printers, and put printers, copiers and other equipment in a relatively independent space. As a result, confidential documents between departments can start from the equipment room, spread in other departments, and when there is no secret between the departments, the company will have no secrets.   2 printed paper back – big habits in exchange for big losses. Saving paper is a good habit for many companies, and employees tend to be proud of using printed paper on the back. In fact, together with the collection will have this habit, you will find the "waste", printing and copying caused by waste paper contains confidential so comprehensive, even the executive vice president will feel ashamed, because the records of the company than his work paper diaries are comprehensive content.   3 computer – new employees real hands mentor recruits. We believe that all professional managers have had this experience: if they work for a new company and roam in their predecessor’s computer, it’s the best way to get to know the new company. In an approximate "snooping" situation, what happened in the company was "a panoramic view", from the company’s past customer records, rewards and penalties system, and even to your former resignation. If you are in other departments of the computer, naturally also have some fun.   4 share – good documentation. Sharing in the LAN is the last access to the company’s internal secrets. Some companies in order to put an end to the internal network leaks, provides that all people must immediately after sharing.

brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

1., click on their own advertising, K possibility will die

2. uses proxies to click on GG advertisers, including tools such as CACA, PTC, and K that are likely to die

3. own brush flow, including the possibility of being K with MyIE 70%


4. is warned by the K possibility of using iframe without content

5. mutual advertiser is k possibility 70%

6. on the GG page, click on the ad support site or force click, be K possibility to die

7. has popup window on GG page, the likelihood that dies by K

8. do GG more than one year without payment less than 100 thousand traffic a year K possibility 60%

9.GG ad total hits over 2% were K possibility 80%

also note that if your monthly income of more than $200, GG will increase the content on your site audit efforts

Click on the more than 2%

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