Generation network old Xing entrepreneurial feelings what should the boss from the user point of vie

this is the worst. Online things, pure imitation is not much effect. Although we all say success lies in replication. But you copy the same thing, the same content, without your own innovation, it’s hard to get on the Internet

, boss of the team, responsibilities: set the direction, with the team.

to Taobao and Taobao as the guest guest, in order to learn to make money and make money, we spend a lot of experience in the network editor you carefully selected high commission of goods, to spend a lot of time to the forum, blog, Post Bar, group propaganda of these goods. One day down, has been tired of adults, can be effective, almost zero. You try your best to do some attractive pictures to attract customers, but the actual effect is not satisfactory. If you do not have the correct form of publicity, there is no definite basis for traffic, relying solely on guerrilla warfare, it is not a right way to make money.

three, do what you love,

interview, we are all used to asking people: "what do you like?"

early start, often limited conditions, many things require entrepreneurs to participate in very deep, very careful grasp, especially the company’s core team has not yet got up before. Like many entrepreneurs, I don’t have a big start-up fund or a big team, and I’m rolling all the way. Fortunately, we have a group of friends who are very supportive of us. the first server is sponsored by friends. Initial stage, grasping the fine, very efficient, but when the team members are gradually in place, whether you can let go, this is not a small ridge. Can not put down, and the result is to rob employees to live dry. Eldest brother did the employee’s work, the staff not only not obtain the exercise and the growth, oneself should do the work also to delay. Indeed, it’s a big tease to see employees doing things that they know or are good at.

generation is my second venture.

2 and Taobao are the targets, not the means,

4, mind free,

two, from the user’s point of view,

In the

3, poor technology,

from 2007 to 2009. The line on the website, full-time generation, set up in 2010 to now the team for 7 years. Entrepreneurship is a way of life, so now I can not distinguish between life or work, life is work, but now more clearly what kind of life you want and what kind of company you want to do.

or Taobao, Ali mother advertising words are always to say this business as if it were raining flowers. There are many lecturers, many of whom are known to have made a lot of money. No matter how much bragging, Taobao is nothing more than a salesman, like a national day job in the mall, where many students send out leaflets outside their doors. Who is the real big money, the merchant inside?. It’s a big mall. Think about it again. Sometimes it’s much harder to be a Taobao than a salesman. You don’t have the resources. You don’t have a customer base. When you make a little money and want to get into the business, you find you have nothing.


a lot of the boss is always working with employees.

Whether it is

actually, there’s no technology in it. But to be a Taobao, you have to do something at least. The most basic things are art and website programs. Web site program will not say, everyone will use CMS, or directly copy other people’s source code. Art of this thing, must be good, read a lot of Taobao guest website, art is really not flattering. Go to the street and look at other people’s ads, compare the gap, who likes to stay on a Shanzhai website 3 pages?

what should an old boss do,

long time no Taobao customers, September has been in the rest, National Day began to grope for these things, Taobao earned less money and many, like chicken ribs. But a lot of people still ask me Zheng Qiuming, the novice suitable for Taobao customers? Now this field has been countless people do. My answer is: Taobao customers, suitable for beginners. You can certainly make money out of it, but it’s certainly not as good as it used to be. Ha ha, imagine, so many people to carve up the big market before, the new customer growth is not big. There has been a lot of competition. Taobao launched the national plan, is very delicate, so that all the people to Taobao propaganda, and even some of the big sites, everywhere hung Taobao links. It hurts to think about it.

novice operators Taobao customers, earn less money for many reasons. For the time being, I divide them into four categories.

in the Internet driven Chinese business, pay attention to user needs, pay attention to the user experience, that is, companies that value products, are increasingly advantages.

we broke through a few times, but also from the user’s point of view, only to find the answer.

does not have any one thing than the core team not to pay attention to the user, not to understand user needs and solve user problems more bullshit!

1, no state of mind, every day fantasy

a core team, timely attention to user needs, pay attention to user experience, often do not go too far detours. For generation in recent years, the most gratifying thing is to find the north when I remember to ask "what problem is resolved in the end who?". It’s the company’s direction for whom to solve the problem or what service to offer.

last year, several new core members were in place, and I had more time to think about it and try to get out of it. A year down, there are some feelings and experience, which touched the deepest points are as follows:

looking for people, is the boss’s first important thing, but also the most time to spend. But the more time I spend on a team, the easier it gets. As for the direction, I feel that with more users, consult in senior, quick to try and replay the internal plus.

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