Yang Wenjian how do earn 10000 a monthFace Meng did not do promotion and overnight explosion red

Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that Guo column was born in 1989, just last year, leaving from Tencent. Face bud is Guo lead a group of 90 founded team. This group of young people are very "diligent" and their products adhere to weekly updates. In the two major update of May 16th and May 31st, facial sprouting was based on cartoon image customization, adding various templates, such as hair color, skin color, and so on, to make cartoon elements with higher similarity to human life. Secondly, increase the expression, bubbles and other elements, so that cartoon expressions and text content more humorous, more able to show the player’s personality. Internet analysts, the reason why suddenly detonated social networks, actually that many times the user needs to know is frequently updated, particularly in major changes in the last two, just hit the user needs.

now I know that I didn’t succeed in doing that, because I didn’t have a good teacher to point it out. They also do not have a direction, today people say VB is the best use of the development tools to go to school, the day after tomorrow to see people say VB is a fundamental development toys not good software, VC is the real programmers choice. The day after tomorrow, it was said that the assembly language is basically not a programmer, and I went to study the assembly. If I had a wise man to show me around, and I believed in him, I was willing to learn a language, and then put my knowledge into practice. Maybe I’m a successful programmer today.


, in fact, this is a face called Meng APP applications, recently firmly occupy the APP, store and millet, 360 and other Android applications market rankings first. It is reported that the face Meng line 6 months, users have reached 20 million, last Friday, a net increase of 5 million users. Face "overnight fame", the face Meng CEO Guo column said, did not do any promotion, really gone "dog luck"".

addition, BYD reporter noted that adorable face in a short time like "virus" spread rapidly, largely depends on the product of the "social", and now this adorable face communications platform WeChat, micro-blog and other social media properties exactly.

Why is

original title: face sprouting overnight explosion red, you sell Meng today,

my name is Yang Wenjian, a very ordinary rural children, because of the efforts of parents out of the mountains, came to Shanxi, Taiyuan Province, a school as ordinary as I go to school. Go on the road network, I think it is because of influence of sleep in my bunk brother Nangong’s ranma. Remember the first time to go to the Internet cafe scene, that is my freshman year, just to school soon, usually nothing, our dormitory four people go to the Internet bar together. I will not and Henan’s Internet, only to see the boy in Shanxi and Hubei Nangong Internet watched Ranma, boring on the back. Later, I do not know how to get on the Internet, but also like the internet. My 251022543 is still a kid in Henan, an authority from my dorm.

‘s face burning like this?

this is also a lot of novice should pay attention to, learn a new knowledge, must be "an in-depth, long-term influence."". Don’t look too much at others


I’m not studying computers, but I’ve seen books on programming languages like C, C++, JAVA, VC, CB, VB, assembler, etc.. My classmates often see me holding a thick computer related books, I feel very cattle, and I feel very cattle. In fact, the book has a lot of things I cannot read, but feel a bit strange looking at the computer by a thick book, the heart is very sufficient, feel a little bit of progress, and soon will be able to earn their way to economic freedom.

recently covered with "face MOE" stamp of "super MOE" animated cartoon real life began in the circle of friends, micro-blog and other social networks spread like a virus, and quite early "WeChat red" fiery situation.

and data analysis firms App Annie founder Bertrand · Schmidt put forward a new point of view, he believes that people are moving towards more graphical communication. The tendency or achievement of this communication between people is "face sprouting"".

The application of

because my family is in bad financial circumstances, my biggest idea at school is to be able to support myself without having to spend my parents’ money. I studied the automation profession, in school computer knowledge only programming language, such as C++, VB and so on. Looking through the Internet, I found the programmer’s salary was good. At that time, my salary was 5000 per month, so my idea was to learn VC++ well and be a good programmer. Under this decision, I put the programming books in the library have seen, can be said that each of the library related programming book I have my fingerprints, I must have seen the program design in more than 500 pages of the book pages. Because I understand through some time, found that the thin book is not readable, only a thick book can make me feel that I can learn knowledge.

face Meng is a super MOE chao chao face software. In the circle of friends, micro-blog and other social networks, a "face MOE MYOTee" LOGO cartoon image in the circle of friends, micro-blog and other social networks spread like a virus. Face sprouting in a variety of hairstyles, facial features, background, bubbles and so on, you can choose, through this application, even if you can not draw, you can easily make your own exclusive cartoon image. The latest data show that 6 months of face sprouting on-line users have reached 20 million, while last Friday, the net increase of 5 million users.

"adorable face" why suddenly so fire? Face adorable CEO Guo column said: "the 80% reason is the lucky 20%, the reason is that a group of witty teenager, the boss has long been forced to work overtime."

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