The age of the nternet how to see cattle from the hands of speculators FengengEarly money making

according to relevant analysis, apple can get more than expected sales results, mainly two products sold well in China and japan. Among them, become the most popular mobile phone in China tyrant gold iPhone5s, the original price of 5288 yuan was pushed up to nearly 20 thousand yuan, even though there is no market price, a hard to find.

Internet era, traditional industries are seeking novelty and change, even scalpers are no exception. When we have been accustomed to spread in a large number of train ticket scalpers, sale of hospitals, various performances and events scene, they have begun to reach the Internet — to use the software to grab votes, panic buying train tickets, apple mobile phone and other scarce, even in the electricity supplier war also received a hand from a cup of soup.

‘s move has left cattle queuing for Apple phones to lose their meaning, and the spectacle of cattle gathered at Apple stores is no longer. According to reports, iPhone5s and iPhone5c on the same day, Sanlitun, Wangfujing and other Apple stores compared to the previous few months of exceptionally quiet, cattle.

editor’s note: Jeff Haynie Appcelerator is the co-founder and CEO, is a veteran of 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, he had entrepreneurial brilliance, have experienced the first Internet bubble and the global financial crisis in difficult times. In the process, he summed up the 5 lessons of entrepreneurship, hoping to help those who are struggling.

recently, Apple announced the first week of iPhone5s and iPhone5c sales – two mobile phones in the global total sales of up to 9 million stores, a record record for the first week of iPhone sales.

for a sweep of the industry is not ready to force, or just want to listen to some prudent suggestions in the process of this mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, the following 5 points are applicable experience:

early make money,

reported that cattle had hired a team of 50 people in the early morning of 21 in apple

however, although this approach has improved the cost of scalpers’ brushing to a certain extent, they still can not extinguish their enthusiasm.

my entrepreneurial career was about the same as Evan’s, Spiegel, Stripe’s, Collison brothers, and most of today’s YouTube stars, Snapchat. Today’s "business circle" is quite different from my early days of entrepreneurship. At that time, AOL sent CDs via dial-up networks, sent e-mail via the post office and the like. It takes several hours for a dune to pass. Few companies have their own websites, and fewer are available to open API applications. As a result, few developers cared about API until 2000.

Whether your company is in


cattle riots last year when iPhone4S was on sale. IPhone4S on sale on the eve of a large number of scalpers and powder in Beijing Sanlitun Apple Store queuing overnight, however in the sale of 9 points in the morning, Sanlitun Apple store up "to stop queuing" notices, therefore is huangniudang dissatisfaction to the apple store on egg is caused by serious conflict, the police cordoned off.

then, cattle on September 21 began the second round of the official website reservations increased investment.

grab ticket software scalpers new tricks

later, Apple released the official announcement iphone4S was temporarily sales in retail stores in Beijing and Shanghai, and take measures to fight, the sale of new products in the mainland to book in advance, after the release to the store to pick up the way. In order to further avoid scalpers influx of online operations, apple official also made a special limit for the scheduled, that is, to each scheduled number of mobile phones to send verification code.

each company’s monetization strategy is different – this is not the same, not only how monetization and monetization, but also at the time of monetization. According to the traditional model of software sales, the company will spend money to scale expansion and promote monetization. It takes a lot of money to expand, and it takes a lot of time to do it right. Free value-added model we develop our own Titanium products using this model, using the advantages of the product itself and the spread of virus to promote audience coverage, thereby gaining market share. But the bigger the coverage, the harder it is to expand revenue, often because users are free to use it for themselves

on the sale of Apple’s new mobile phone, will burst the door of cattle grand, scalpers will start the mass mobile phone then sold out, will be able to earn post, but also pushed up the price of Apple’s mobile phone.

a lot happened after those days. We are lucky enough to survive the first dotcom bubble and rise again in the next few years. After that, in 2008, when the global economy fell into its worst recession since the end of World War II, we carried out the post apocalyptic strategy. Now, although the outbreak of the situation is different, now it seems we are in another bubble edge, but no matter what is coming, I am in the two times in the leadership lessons learned on start-ups still has the reference significance to today.

in my current company Appcelerator, recently acquired by Axway, we are always plagued by the problem of "audience or income". At both ends of the scale is coverage for example, market impact, while the other side is "income" e.g. monetization.

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