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The so-called : open wide bosom, Friendliness is conducive to business success.The so-called

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process is required in the operation site webmaster spirit and entrepreneurship. Learn to forge ahead, to make progress, many webmaster began operating a website and entrepreneurship are holding the psychological curiosity and imagination to do, just started when there is a passion. In the process of website operation and business among many owners will feel tired and helpless, this time is the most easy to relax, so in the process of the operation of the site owners must learn to drive. You may see Ali Lei Jun millet success, the success of Ma Yun and Ma Huateng’s success, but do not know that you see their website operation and entrepreneurship, playing online games, money investment chaos, God two nets, website operation process and Entrepreneurship such can succeed?

spirit: forge ahead, hard work,

in website construction and network business process, many owners are trying to improve the method of web page design, site service, seek funding and so on, but they often ignore the inner beauty station there, the author thinks that a good site should have vigorous vitality and enterprising spirit, broad-minded and, through the three has an impact on the construction site within the gas to promote the site user experience is improved, so as to enhance the site’s ranking, the author to talk about how to do well in these three kinds of gas.

this problem we all found it, and now look at the official explanation, we put the heart into the belly bar,

and demands that the stationmaster and entrepreneurs to do their service work, whether the user is asking you what, what business webmaster or entrepreneur should take a positive attitude to cope with the rapid development of e-commerce, often encounter some difficulties in the Internet, but this time as a webmaster or the entrepreneur you have to learn to "and" for you, the ancients cloud "home and everything", and on the Internet.

the so-called "vitality" is to ask the webmaster in the layout of the website process, to web page design, content quality construction positive, and to come up with the characteristics that can attract users. The author suggests that the website in this process can learn from Sina and A5 page color, we open the A5 web site will have the feeling from the page to take on an altogether new aspect, color design can be seen on the A5 site of the home page color to red, and red to users of the positive mood to a certain extent. We take a look at these sites content quality, with a vibrant website should be daily news, with the content of the website, but in my eyes better Sina and A5 webmaster friends can see, there are a lot of news and rich content is filled in website every day, can be described as is a website full of vigour. But in the enterprise, the vitality demands the entrepreneur must have the assurance to the undertaking project, clear the project investment significance and the future development prospect, has achieved this, only then has achieved the true vigor.


the balance at the end of October US$0.00 come in and see how you are,

vigor: positive, energetic,


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