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recently had a concept called "second half" and gradually began to burn. Whether entrepreneurs, investors, FA, or even the Xinhua news agency, are saying "second half", the year-end share summary trend is not said, "the second half" are embarrassed. But some articles, completely in the concept, in order to different and different, a little empty, such as what, "the second half, started?" and the like.

Internet speed up 10 years, from the portal, BBS, instant messaging to the electricity supplier, O2O, is the essence of the Internet connection, so far has been basically completed most of relatively easy connection, the connection between people, connecting people and goods, connecting people and information. Born Sina, sh419, Alibaba, Tencent and other Internet representatives of enterprises.

recently, Vice Media received $450 million from private Holdings Company TPG, which has been valued at $5 billion 700 million before the media company’s deal.

, Vice will use the funds to start the Vice Studios, to launch multi screen program, the new content will be through 13 digital channels including Vice VICELAND and HBO network TV documentary series VICE extended to the audience.

anyone who does poineering work or works in a large and small start-up company can feel that getting traffic is much more difficult than before. In the past 2012 and 2013, a APP user was paid a few cents. Now try, at least 10 times. These are white silver, a matter of entrepreneurship and life and death. "First half" is just a metaphor. Entrepreneurship is essentially an unlimited game, but most of the time entrepreneurs play it as a limited game. The so-called "second half" for entrepreneurs with bloody entrepreneurial life and death rather than casually talk at leisure.


when the vast majority of online space was occupied, the Internet turned to online and offline connections, and therefore the birth of the second generation of small giants, such as drops, the United States and other groups. Wang Xing called the "first half" end, that is to say, from the birth of the Internet to the present, basically completed two rounds of connection. The first round of the connection, the birth of the portal, search engines, electricity providers, instant messaging, games and other enterprises. The second round of the connection, is completed under the line and the line connection. For example, connecting travel services, catering and other business services connection.

real second half,

‘s co founder and chief executive, Shane Smith, also answered questions about the current round of financing in the interview and said Vice’s plan was to become a listed company.

In addition to

Smith also stressed that the recent several IPO especially Snap has told us, want to get a good result after the listing, the former must have a good history of revenue.

, however, did not disclose how Smith would use the funds to help the company on the market, filing, or helping the company generate revenue during the current downturn".

Abstract: the second half of the Internet is not for different and different talk, it is an inevitable evolution of the industry.

two connections,

connections from easy to complex, from online connections to online and offline connections. This is also in line with the development of the Internet, is the beginning of a portal, the connection information and the connection between people, mostly pure online, such as portal, BBS, instant messaging, after the first part of the connection is completed, most sites are occupied. For example, when there are three major portals, you go to do portal, occupy 90% to share share of the time, you go to do portal, do instant messaging, is a joke. Even if a number of search engines later also have some survival space, but mostly rely on other products, according to the ground, such as Sogou and input methods and browser bundled, just a little space.

according to the Wall Street journal understanding, Disney will not participate in this round of financing, which means that Disney’s $400 million investment and 18% of the holdings will be diluted after the current round of financing.

Smith said that at present, the biggest goal is "to create the millennial generation video content library" the largest, after other companies find themselves need to use certain content, they must first obtain authorization from Vice.

finally, Vice will also launch its own OTT business and subscription service, both of which will help companies generate revenue through the Vice audience. The company plans to spread its content to 80 countries in the first quarter of 2018.

so what happens next?

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