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market routines are many, "dead" in the road of investors are also many. Xiao Bian summed up the new three board investment 8 death law, including routine death, and major shareholders burn together, hang up the wrong, single chop, hand chop yourself. Investment risks, market needs to be cautious ah.

if you accidentally pick up a dish and wait for the arrival of the person, then you can put up with loneliness first.

market routines are many, "dead" in the road of investors are also many.

3. entrepreneurs can’t keep up with the company’s expansion: creating a three person company and managing a 100 person business is entirely different. The rapid expansion of an enterprise requires either an experienced entrepreneur or a business founder who can grow quickly.

2. is aspiring: entrepreneurship should be targeted to locate in the user needs — a market service, a group of users, there is also a striking function, can solve a real user demand. After you get the approval of a small group of users, you can expand to more users. Then you will find more user needs and continue to upgrade your products. This is the "lean entrepreneurship" approach.

, for example, 835759.OC March 2016 market making, as of the end of 2016, a total of 192 trading days, but there have been actual transactions only 12 trading days, turnover is only 448 thousand and 700 yuan. So, how scarce is the liquidity?.

last year, a company called 40 percent off according to the market price valuation of the shares of the company was acquired by A, from the two market buying small shareholders whining throughout the market: "big shareholders themselves are not optimistic about the discount is acquired, the conversion price is 11.4 yuan, sale badly, do not take the cut chives.", "large shareholders do not think it is cheap, because the cost is different, but it left floating shareholders really broken.

1, no one received the disk, lonely death

for the new three board of most companies, liquidity is only a legend, the transfer of active stocks is very small, the market making business transactions are not active.

6. offers technology rather than offering solutions: users are more willing to accept solutions than to provide a mature technology. A good entrepreneur should realize that the really important things are not the cool technology, but the solutions that bring value to the customer. Venture capital favors firms that are innovative in their solutions without investing in technology that hasn’t been tested or entirely new.

4. team trust: VCs generally like teams that understand each other for a long time. A team that lacks trust can be challenged both in terms of failure how to streamline, what to reduce, or success how to divide responsibilities and money benefits.

shares in the A, even if it is about to withdraw from the Thai Thai electric, will be pulled several limit; but in the new three board, even if you invest in stock performance is very good, you may also encounter no one received the disk.

5. has poor executive power: in a lean startup environment, a good start can easily be replicated by others. So you have to be reliable and quick to execute. For example, if you can’t update your product every day, you need to update it at least once a week. Your leadership can be maintained not on brands, nor on intellectual property, but on your sustainable execution, and on your ability to lead your business forward,

on the new three board, there is a "die" called, the pilots have parachuted, I TM was left in the cabin.

"What are the main causes of

read Jun summed up the new three board investment 8 death law, including routine death, and major shareholders together burn money, hang up the wrong single chop, hand chop yourself.

‘s failure?" Li Kaifu, chairman and CEO of Innovation workshop, said: "

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agreement, in addition to China branch of investment 832168.OC and other stocks are particularly active, most of them are not active. The purpose of making market transactions is to increase the liquidity of enterprises, but even if the individual enterprises still have nothing to do with the market.

today Tomb-sweeping Day, read Jun checked laohuangli, should avoid passive sacrifice. Today, we will pay homage to the investors who are caught and dead.

2, pilot parachuting, died by routine

read, remind you, investment risk, the market needs to be cautious.

spring is coming, but the man hasn’t come yet. The new three board investors are still lonely and cold.

1. has no point: smart people want to try many new ideas, but in a resource limited startup, it’s obviously luxurious to try all the cool ideas.

three new board did not force the tender offer terms, so in many mergers and acquisitions, small shareholders have been abandoned by major shareholders.

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