59store received 30 million yuan investment home meters official website enabled Me domain nameOnlin

one, coolie back Commission type. These include clicks, mail, surveys, surfing, and so on. Easy to operate, the novice must go through the stage. But if you go it alone, you can hardly get the money unless you apply for a commission from a web site. Initial development is very difficult, persist, integrity management is kingly way.

Wangzhuan master real

five, help people build websites, or help others do SEO network marketing, this kind of person is a technology for a living. As far as I know, the domestic SEO engineers usually pay tens of thousands or even one hundred thousand of the monthly salary.

last December 9th on-line house meters currently located in the regional university life service platform, Indoorsman Indoorswoman, focus on providing breakfast, snacks, fruit delivery distribution free collection courier service for college students. Its official website is enabled by the creative domain name zhai.me, the domain name by the "home" pinyin "Zhai" + "me" suffix, which, "me" homophonic "meters", but the domain name has lost to "Mi" possibility.

in recent years, innovation ecosystem in China constantly optimize the public business more and more, as in yesterday’s National People’s Congress on the government work report, Premier Li Keqiang also pointed out that we should vigorously develop the public record space. College students, as a large number of groups, campus entrepreneurship is also a lot of people eyeing. Also serves the campus market campus online supermarket 8 day online 8dol also recently won tens of millions of yuan financing.

renamed Chinese eName.cn March 6th news, in recent years, more and more entrepreneurs will focus in the campus service. Recently, the campus store O2O platform by 59store, Jun linked capital and deep venture capital 30 million yuan A round of financing; the other students’ life service platform "home meters", also received millions of dollars in angel investment in its official website recently, use the creative domain name zhai.me.

59store in May last year on the line, its official website domain name enabled 59store, through the whois information counter check, the company also holds the hands of 59store.net/.cc, 59food and other domain names. In addition, the main mode of operation of 59store is proprietary and open platform, there are nearly 100 employees, most of the core technical staff of Shanghai Jiaotong University graduate student, business scope covers the universities of Shanghai, Hangzhou, nearly 1 million 500 thousand of College students.

four, their own shop to make money, the most important thing is to find a good source of goods, there are contacts recommended by friends.

: 59store

today, let’s share some of the ways or patterns that we feel are better, and hopefully we’ll have more communication.

six and more ways to make money online are constantly expanding…

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three, do their own formal website, good at finding the market gap, the market positioning of the site has great potential for development.

, is using his sharp eyes, thinking ahead, to develop more innovative ways to make money on the road.

through whois information query, the Larry domain holder zhaimi.cn/.net information display for house m CEO Sun Gaofeng. And its main domain name zhai is not in the hands of the company.

said it will give way to make money online to collect, in fact there is not much possibility, because the way to make money online too much, simply summarized up, here is mainly a summary of some ideas; to analyze, find a suitable Wangzhuan method of our own; and by their innovative new make money online mode, people’s thinking is infinite rotation, this network, the more you deeply the more you find yourself ignorant, so innovative people can find a world self on the internet.

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two, Ali, mom, Taobao. The Tao do help others to sell products, find some Taobao online reputation sellers, it is best to find some selling more fire products, but also the best girls often use products, set up a special guest website, under the careful study of SEO, the effect is very good, do good, every day to earn hundreds of yuan, even a few hundred dollars is very good.

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