Founder of the U S group Wang Xing ten years of Entrepreneurship where is the sense of crisisVentur

last week, many European executives did not think Britain’s Euro referendum would be a success. After such an event, they began to evaluate new measures to ensure continued access to talent, capital, and the European market.

Black said: "the next few years, this brings great uncertainty."."


when I’m on campus, I need resources, but I don’t have the resources. At that time I did not understand, I do not have resources, it does not matter, the liquidity of the resources is very strong, if angel investors throw money, they can find someone else, resources will gather around."

After the results of the referendum were announced by

British online payment company PPRO Group CEO · Simon Black Black Simon said he was considering the company’s legal significance of the headquarters moved to Dublin, Luxemburg, or other regions. He said the uncertainty about Britain’s financial regulation would still help start-ups link Europe, and that such uncertainty would lead financial technology start-ups to leave london.

Beijing time on June 27th morning news, the British referendum exit from the European Union has prompted the British technology start-ups to re evaluate business operations in the uk. That could signal a bigger response from Britain’s big companies.

from school to rice, no, to America again, Wang Xing is always the first

hopes to give more entrepreneurs some experience and lessons by telling Wang’s story. So books have a distinctive media perspective, rather than personal biographical books. Of course, the book provides the answer to readers who want to know what Wang and his team have been doing for ten years.

, dozens of multinational executives called for quick measures to reduce uncertainty in investment and recruitment. However, the technology start-ups may be the first to take action to avoid the British "Europe" incident adverse effects.

Summit Therapeutics PLC, a biotechnology company based near Oxford, has 37 employees. The company’s CEO Green · Edwards Glyn Edwards said that in waiting for uncertainty gradually clear, the referendum results will "accelerate our investment in the United States."". In addition, the company may no longer have access to some of the pan European Opportunities for Biotechnology investment, while UK domestic investment opportunities may not be able to replace such sources of funding.

book author Li Zhigang has repeatedly interviewed Wang Xing himself, this book presents the experience and thinking in addition to Wang himself, has spent a lot of space to describe Wang Xing the backbone of their entrepreneurial team to gather together to complete their common goal.

if summed up according to objective reasons, the team of only 14 people led by Wang Xing was still too young and immature. Whether it is technology, marketing or management, investors are not the best.

Abstract if I want revolution, I wish I were my own life. I always fear, very careful.

why is Wang always the first to discover new opportunities,


Tencent technology Wang Xin reported September 13th


after a lapse of eight years, Wang Xing summed up his cognition of the entrepreneur, the entrepreneurial spirit is the most exquisite description, is the essence of the pursuit of entrepreneurial opportunities, temporarily ignoring their own now control how much resources. This is the essence of market economy. The entrepreneur is, you have to do it, but you lack something else, and you can look for something else if you have the ability."

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Arnesen said: "Britain’s appeal to start-up companies will decline.". The most important thing is to finish the job easily."

in recent years, London has become an important European entrepreneurial center, especially for the financial technology industry. Venture capitalists and entrepreneurs say that this is because London used to be the financial capital of europe. But if investors are not optimistic about the future of London, that will change.

school network was sold to Chen Yizhou micro-blog because of funding disruption. A lot of people will be confused. How can such a good product model fail to finance

this article also aims at some questions, has found the description in the book, has picked partial content for reference:

Swedish Football Addicts CEO · Patrick Arnesson Arnesen Patrick said Sunday he had abandoned plans to set up another office in london. He planned to recruit 30 people through the office over the next 2 years. The problem he faces is the possibility of free movement between Sweden and Britain, as well as recruitment from other parts of the European union.


why hasn’t wang been able to melt money into the school network,

founder Wang Xing micro-blog

Wang at that time can only be described as sentimental. No matter what Wang Xing tells himself or the memories of his friends who have worked hard with him, there is no evidence that Wang Xing had a set of theories about the school network. His cognition of the Internet is basically still on the surface, copying other people’s theories six dimension theory, plus his simple life experience he is a serious community user.

The author of the book

Wang Xing’s entrepreneurial story is good because of ups and downs and growth. This month, a new book devoted to Wang ten years of business listing, entitled "nine wins and one defeat".

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