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2, want to grab traffic on the BAT hand? Hard point,

What about jump lists in

O2O relates to the industrial chain upstream and downstream too much, too much, O2O and personalized, regional characteristics, the company could not exhaustive, large companies will choose the basic products and services, such as payment data, basically do vertical industries do, may selectively do 1 – 2 A.

2, what will the big Internet companies do, O2O,

, 1, 5 years later, O2O’s market structure,

way to make money is either business, or users, generally to the business charges, smoking, service fees, publicity fees, hardware fees.

5 and O2O’s way of making money?

with the development of O2O, more and more traditional businesses will embrace O2O, will use the Internet, new media, mobile phones and other new technologies, new patterns, embrace O2O changes.

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model is pragmatism. It’s all happening now

1, weak market, accelerated decline


3, how will traditional businesses operate under the impact of O2O?

once the peak moment of social networking sites, happy net had to leave is a reflection of the hardships and difficulties of domestic social networking sites to survive, but the Internet environment is such, only to hear people laugh, not to see the old man cried, unfamiliar street to the United States market, happy net sale price, renren forced restructuring, WeChat but still crowded yiqijuechen. This has to be thought-provoking, the domestic social networking sites in the end what kind of battlefield fighting, in the bright behind what is the undercurrent?. And in the end, Kaixin and Renren were both eliminated in the arms race,

‘s happy network apparently went wrong at this point, while its biggest competitor Renren accelerated its listing. For enterprises, the listing is indeed able to obtain more resources, of which the most important is the financing channels than non-listed company patency. In other words, it’s easier for companies to come in. Just as everyone in the transition financial services network, it also failed in the social networking competition, but far less than happy network thoroughly.

large companies planning to do is generally look at 3 – 5 years, in the 3 – 5 years, which changes in factors affecting the market, then you need to change in the key factors in the layout. For example, Ali shares of high moral map, shares Tintin map, etc.. The next five years, O2O’s market is still 2, 3 will become a platform level tycoon, followed by a large number of vertical, regional, class of small and medium-sized O2O platform, and finally a large number of businesses, service providers.

Ali’s O2O: portal + platform foundation payment, data, etc.

was valued at over $100 million a year when it was created. According to reports at the time, in 2010, happy net annual income of 300 million yuan, while beginning to profit, happy network founder Cheng Binghao shouted "must be listed" slogan. But the truth is that the dream of happy Internet hasn’t been realized even today. Happy net founder Cheng Binghao believes that although the market is a double-edged sword, but after the listing can get more resources to expand, and happy net did not rush to market, to market, user activity decline, is suggested to suspend the listing broker.

The most important thing about the

6 and O2O?

Ali wireless will have 2 directions: services and life supporting services, service life is from the life of the latitude to carry shopping guide regional line, sh419 map is from the geographical latitude, dianping is from the business latitude.

8, what better O2O model can learn and learn from?

in the final analysis, is nothing more than the listing, can be happy network after the road for more time and opportunities, but it is not decided happy network of life and death. Repeated failure of listing, and ultimately spin off the VIE structure, can only show that Kaixin does not have the ability to market. The amount decreased rapidly from 2010 began to visit the site, from the highest per capita dwell time at 40 minutes down to ten minutes, shlf1314’s global web site TOP1000 rankings, happy net June 2010 global ranking is 107th, and a year later, but fell to 235. The loss of users is serious, happy network gradually no one cares, users abandoned social networking sites can also be investment treasure, how long, needless to say.

7, Ali O2O planning,


, a parent company of happy people happy net the final price of 1 billion to the listed company information race for the intelligent message brush burst of information website. Once set a user growth rate as high as 500% of the brilliant, launched "grab parking spaces", "stealing vegetables" and other games, and brush blasting network happy network, in this way ended its founder Cheng Binghao in the hands of a brilliant career.

many O2O pioneers have encountered such problems, difficult to deal with. For example, before the word "network" can be installed credit card hardware, brush word-of-mouth card, the effect is not ideal. Consider bundled two-dimensional code + payment and other

entrepreneurial companies have more opportunities in vertical market segments, or regional markets, but also do not rule out a big platform. Big companies have talent advantages and technological accumulation.


4, where are the possibilities for startups?

content according to the shift cable under discussion salon finishing, participants have done for the white-collar coffee O2O, has done the catering industry O2O, do O2O, do site reservation cosmetics chain of traditional enterprises, have done overseas tours of the O2O.


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