Love Shanghai so many owners of the tangled snapshot

this picture I believe we are not strange, this website in addition to the space effect, and is an important factor of website content may be pseudo original or are content acquisition station, love Shanghai officials claim on the acquisition of the site, especially the news station, the title and content is not given severe fight, or to go from this station, write some value to customers, it can also be recognized by the love love Shanghai, Shanghai is also a focus on the customer experience degrees, only to meet these your website will be getting better and better.


recently, the webmaster are a hot topic in the discussion of "love Shanghai ‘love Shanghai snapshot basic can judge a website whether the spider love Shanghai visits, in general, the more new snapshot, the website included the amount of good, ranking in search engines is love Shanghai trust, if you need to get more love Shanghai grab information, you can view the site log, aiming at some questions I webmaster to express their personal views, say wrong, welcome everybody out, mutual communication and learning.

3 keywords ranking snapshot shows the next day, click on the snapshot still prompt page does not exist


about the snapshot site also experienced love Shanghai and then lead to a lot of snapshot site is down right, for example, included drop, keywords ranking drop, the site was K, ranking in a day is very unstable, their website ranking floating every day there are about 5 times, almost the day is a ranking, a ranking of the night, giving the illusion that love Shanghai evening update, update the day, occurrence time is 6.22 days and 6.28 days, this time in addition to love Shanghai monthly update time and failure time of telecom DNS, happened to meet, the server space is not stable, can not grab the data, so many times, there is a snapshot of the file, if the operation of old website snapshot a few days on his own recovery, little effect If this is a new website, it is more miserable, reflecting another problem.

I love Shanghai

< 1> often love Shanghai love Shanghai snapshot complaints, although can see the snapshot, but that is the result of human intervention, to restore the essence, from the root of the complaints about the webmaster will find that when you complain finished, the next couple of days, stay in the snapshot complaints time, with personal experience, to solve the problem of natural snapshot update, in addition to update the original article every day, but also for a week to do some high quality of the chain 50, website snapshot give natural regeneration.

1 love Shanghai snapshot

2 love Shanghai snapshot shows errors, suggesting that the page does not exist, as shown in figure

as a result, there are 2 factors

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