Analysis of the construction of network marketing channels and the chain

The construction of

in recent years a lot of network marketing professionals, basically put the network promotion as Shanghai dragon doing network promotion is Shanghai dragon seems, in fact, Shanghai dragon network promotion just one way or channel.

from individual owners into the two enterprise website, I contacted the three enterprise website, the first enterprise website and I’m the only one who did not say, second of my most enterprise website planning and implementation, so can some of my ideas into them, then although the stage because of various factors and interrupt but, overall, I got a lot of practical experience from the promotion of enterprise website. Third when I entered the business website, so far only half the time for the three charge, the first charge is to accept my point of view, so in addition to classified information and forum signature, I can in the local forum activities, usually with signature, sometimes also can release some ads. My plan is based on the theory of local.

network construction and website promotion channels outside the chain, it should be divided into two aspects of analysis, but because the two are related, so here to unify to explain.

, a network marketing channel construction

so what network promotion channels? In general, network promotion contains natural search ranking promotion (the so-called Shanghai dragon search engine optimization), social website promotion (the so-called SMO), Forum promotion, blog promotion, quiz promotion and classified information promotion etc.. If an ordinary enterprise website can do any three kinds of promotion channels, of course should be said that this website is able to bring some benefits, and because each enterprise provides products and services, the relevant channels relative to have the greatest effect is also different. Also, network promotion sometimes do not need to guide customers to the official website of the enterprise, such as blog promotion, we are writing a blog content, have business related information and contact with them, that is to say, this blog will be able to achieve the intention of customers to contact us directly, do not need to enter the enterprise website and blog. Another example is that when I do education websites in the past, the boss said the site didn’t flow every day, but every day we have a call consulting, this is how to do it? I was told two people by editing a soft way in the mother class forum posting, the company offers indirect out. In order to avoid advertising, suspected to be deleted, we will contact the company through the station letter to each other. Unexpectedly, one person replies to contact messages to her, then all the replies are said to the station SMS notification, and each sent a message, ten minutes after a telephone consultation. The official website traffic at that time only dozens of IP, every day can received ten telephone consultation. This is similar to the way to call a forum to promote, rather than in each post leave a signature on the end, a part of all that belongs to the Shanghai dragon.

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