How to make search engines better website content page

success or failure often lies in the title, a good title for the article, to improve site traffic is difficult. So we published an article title to novel, brief and attractive. Not to blindly write advertising. In writing the title before, need to consider to write this article is to see who, if you want to search for this article, you will search for what keywords, to find these articles, you try to contain the keywords in the title.

if you pass these search engines or not included in your website, it needs to do some auxiliary work outside the station to attract spiders. The following are some commonly used methods.

, the 2 do not appear illegal information and character, not even the forbidden words appeared. We in turn the others, carefully read, the possible removal of illegal information. Once published the contents of the existence of illegal information let search engine, search engine will affect the judgment of the whole station, may eventually lead to K.

3, pay attention to the number of keywords and

, how to update the station in improving the amount collected

As everyone knows the 1, write the title of

1, a blog to attract spider. We will publish on its website, the search engine is not included in the article published in the high weight of the blog, and will link to the original published on the website. We can finally indicated: This paper comes from what website, what is. This can attract the spider climb to the articles on our website, so as to improve the collection rate.

do a lot of Shanghai dragon friends every day to update their site content, but we have a headache is, we update the content on a website, the search engine is not included. Your website is undoubtedly an important factor to improve our website ranking, but how to better make search engines faster included we send the content? Share my experience.

search engine is love original content, search engine has its own method to distinguish the original, or false original or copy. So we in the station for the update when it is best to publish original content, or will the others use their own language for pseudo original, or directly to the original update.

forum is good way to let the spider included have not included the content, but we’d better find some high weight forum to post, and the post in the last.

anchor text links to articles in. A general optimization article about 3 words, and make the anchor text to the first paragraph, the end keyword. Should the different keywords as anchor text pointing to the same URL address, this will make the search engine blind, unclear direction.

Forum search engine better

An article in

two, station optimization attract spider


how to make the website content page

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