Do Shanghai dragon ten fatal error will let users away from your website

With the continuous development of Shanghai dragon


2. the superfluous bomb box

some websites to appear more vivid, engage in some special procedures, flashing, looks really beautiful, but a long time, will lead to visual fatigue, give users a sense of fatigue, who will be willing to continue browsing on? And pictures too many colors, somewhat irregular, fancy, why? The extra special effects to remove it removed, can accelerate the speed of the site visit.

3. automatically play the video and music


4. brilliant special effects and image

1. web content too disorderly

some webmaster do Internet advertising to make money, it is a good thing, but do not hold a degree, to prevent the position is not right, and seriously affect the quality of user experience, in general such advertisements are placed on the website about.

in some sites, often see the auto play video and music, in the webmaster of the site design, in order to highlight their own high-end, engage in some video or automatically play music, but unfortunately, every one of the different level of appreciation, even if the user likes the music, but the user is doing is listening to music?? of course is to find products or articles, even some websites using flash to create web pages, is a little high, then you can use a server? Look at lading has been around the user to fly early.

, now more and more attention to the user experience, because a good user experience can make the website rankings, while improving the conversion rate, anyway, all in order to obtain orders, but in the course of operation, a lot of Shanghai dragon accidentally mistakes er the main reason is to make mistakes, often stand on our own point of view to think about the problem, and not in the user’s point of view to consider the issue, causing users do not want to come to your website, the Hai Yao Shanghai Longfeng to give you the details of which ten fatal point allowing the user to quickly escape from your website.


site bomb box is very big, but can not be free to use, many owners fear into the website users can not contact him, each cartridge box, the user managed to shut down after a few seconds and bounced out! Remember! Users see the contents of the website is not to contact you. So, don’t be self willed, don’t do superfluous things. Especially do the bidding enterprises, to put some businessnet bomb box, it is the high-end atmosphere on the grade, but in fact lay with silly X.

5. suspended advertising

web content mess is a key of the user experience, some websites do this product, and the product, the font is small and the ants almost led to the user you do not know what is the web site, this website still continue to access the reason

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