How to effectively select the web site keywords

this word is the best word for Shanghai dragon, such words can not only guarantee the lowest price of Shanghai dragon, and guarantee the maximum flow. But such words dig up is difficult, it is difficult to find. This is what we often say the long tail keywords, as for how to dig this kind of words, will make a detailed introduction in the next article in

target keywords and web site must be related, or you import more traffic is of no significance, no use, will only increase the bounce rate of your site. Of course, love Shanghai once found this site will also give a lot of punishment! Of course, this is not absolute, some large portal site for the location of the industry is not very accurate. When this site settings key is also relatively fuzzy

keyword is too broad. Competitiveness will be great, the cost will be relatively high, the search intention is not obvious will lead to lower conversion rate. This will The loss outweighs the gain.. For example, you are doing real estate, the keywords set to "most probably it did not actually happen in real estate". This idea is wrong. This conversion rate will be very low! Because of his choice of real estate search users is very wide, may be want to rent, may want to buy a house, and may want to know the price… Keywords so generally don’t choose the broad.


you can say is too broad, but not so special. It is too special no one to search, no one had found the words. Even if your conversion rate can reach 100% and no sense! Such as a Real Estate Company keyword set to "Shanghai Pudong New Area Tang town XX housing" this word is no one search, so it is of no value.

The whole contents of

5, should choose to have chosen the business value of

Select the

4, the main keyword is not too special


3, the main keyword is not too broad

1, first is the content.

keyword is the overall direction of a web site, is also a Shanghai dragon main direction and positioning er. If the words have made the wrong choice, is great for Shanghai Longfeng affect your website. There’s an old saying that good: "the wrong direction, efforts". So in the first step, we still can’t lose, so how to choose a good keywords? To consider mainly from what aspects and start? For all the leaves to uncover the mystery of


what kind of word is a commercial value? Simply key words can help you make money. A simple example! For example, the word "production process" windbreaker does not belong to commercial terms, because the search is not to want to buy clothes, but research process of clothes. This word is also a word "windbreaker" price is that we think the commercial value of the word but >!

2, the search number, less competitive keywords


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