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acquisition station

website optimization has far too many sites were collected, and even a collection of software that can sell hundreds of yuan price. CMS has set up a website easy trip for website construction, but also the achievements of the acquisition of derivative and flooding. Today with the A5 article, after a post, the less will be collected dozens of times, some articles can be collected hundreds of times more. This will create the same content highly repetitive and flooding search engine for removal of redundancy, eventually to some site acquisition and eliminating and punishment. Therefore, although some websites do after the collection was collected, but the content more also accelerated the death rate for this site, the fact is obvious to people. But remember, others can get the original hard search engine gives a power weight, if the acquisition station is still so, not too unfair? Not long acquisition station has thus been recognized.

two: how to make the acquisition of

: why not

on the Internet every day there is a large collection of information, including some large news sites in the. But why when the update, will be included in the search engine news source? The search engines do not hate acquisition? In fact, search engines are not completely disgusted in the acquisition, collection, search engine is to avoid the emergence of a "high repeat content". To avoid the "repeat" is not highly feasible? Many websites were also collected, even in the acquisition and optimization process, website weight have also been gradually improved. Why search engine support such a collection? A website owned by the user is limited, but if the content is limited to a website, how to make more users see the same information resources? Can not be changed nor change the Internet resources sharing. But the acquisition is not limited to the visible grasp of time, quality content is one of the weights of the site collection. The search engine how to judge the quality of content? After all, is only a set of procedures. But binary search engines still think through the content of the words, the language is fluent, to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of no content.

three: acquisition right important high.

is also very fruitful

in Shanghai dragon in the optimization process of original content is the most beneficial to the method of search engine optimization rules, one of the original site, even if the structure optimization of flat, still will get the favour of search engine. Even in the long term the contents of construction, can accumulate enough high ranking. However, the original content of the update is often said easy, especially high quality content is hard to find. So for small and medium-sized sites, most of the sites are more or less used to enrich the content of the website collection. However, a search engine is not love "collection" in a collection, also only for the moment, do not long-term acquisition. But it is not conducive to the acquisition of website optimization? In fact, acquisition can also be beneficial to complete website optimization, the following will enter today’s topic:

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