According to the present site optimization strategy is worth to those

fourth, what is the optimal recipe? Many Shanghai dragon Er has been looking for a >


second, all Shanghai Longfeng optimization is not our work. We must put to the optimization of attitude, a lot of people from morning to night cannot do without Shanghai dragon three words, in fact, there is no problem for the dedication to work, but we can not lose at work, there are a lot of work outside of our concern, our relatives, friends and social activities, no matter what your current situation of optimization please don’t ignore, always support our friends in the back, in fact, they are the biggest wealth in our life, work and life are closely linked, when their confusion might play heart, and the circle of friends to communicate, you may through another perspective to find optimization in the process, it is not recommended to improve another way the efficiency of the

third, try to learn to respect your users and search engines. Every time when it comes to the optimization work, many people think the most is " ", " please cheat; " negative words like this, we should respect our scholars to the search engine, should know how to cherish their own site, the author thinks that the opportunistic is holding their own website in gambling. For example, when we walked in the red light intersection you find that there are so few people love red light, for such people, I always pray silently! Red light instead of showing you the cow force, but took his body to make bets, imagine optimization means these speculative thinking speculation Shanghai dragon ER in fact, you feel the panic is self-evident, once you fall right piercing cry have no meaning.

first, you need to have enough patience. Change of search engine optimization work long let us with deep hatred and resentment in this state, but it is recommended that you write, we need to look at our One divides into two. website ranking, ranking is not easy, even if there is a short drop right must be their own website in some detail problems, we should find the problem is most things. Don’t have no clue, right to be reduced or dropped to create their own website be taken by surprise as we dull life, and sometimes in the limelight, sometimes will become gloomy, don’t be afraid, don’t give up, try to keep looking for tomorrow.

then enter any one of Shanghai dragon platform, it was about a noisy sound good, it is now really do some optimization? Love Shanghai algorithm is constantly changing, Shanghai dragon Er sought a new optimization truth difficult, present a variety of platform to increase efforts to limit the extrapolation of the release of the chain, what is in the moment we can do? The optimization work is worthy of our long-standing strategy, although the optimization of complicated and impetuous, but in the impetuous society we must seek a copy of their own inner quiet harbor, stick to that part of land belongs to the last we optimize.

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