Good love Shanghai love Shanghai new station webmaster tools to reduce audit time

is the second time in the 14 year of the end of March, when the snapshot time stay at the end of February, the basic site is updated every day, but the snapshot is not moving, so a snapshot of the complaint, stating the reason, please love to solve Shanghai. The love of Shanghai returned to the mailbox, said may be due to the website home page has not changed, so did not update the snapshot, and on the second day, the snapshot is normal, until now, the basic snapshot is the day, the night is the next day. So do stand friends when the snapshot not update, you can try complaints under the snapshot, may have unexpected results, of course, if the site has not been updated, the snapshot is normal;

most of the webmaster friends love Shanghai webmaster tools is very familiar with, in short, a window of webmaster tools is love Shanghai and the webmaster exchange, you do stand webmaster friends if you make good use of this tool, can let love Shanghai quickly understand their own website, reduce the website is love Shanghai review time, today, Xiaobian with their own station – Happy daddy network as an example, and we talk this tool.

first use webmaster tools is the web site just let love after Shanghai included home a few days later, at that time because the server is not stable, so the replacement of the server, which the love is unable to access the station every day in Shanghai, webmaster tools can see Shanghai "love love that sea spiders cannot pass through the telecom / Unicom network access to your website. Fear of adverse, so use website, webmaster feedback center complaints, told the Shanghai website can be normal visit, hope love Shanghai for treatment, although the final love Shanghai didn’t respond to complaints, but the complaints on the news that can be a normal visit for second days (later learned that after the replacement server need to keep the previous server for some time, such as spiders visit the web site before they can be stopped before the server, otherwise it will drop right or K stand). Therefore, the replacement of the server, you can make a complaint in Webmaster tools, in order to make artificial processing, reduce the love Shanghai to replace DNS included time;

station launched more than two months time, a total of 3 Webmaster Tools webmaster feedback center, the effect is quite good, to share with you here.

The new

love feedback center Shanghai webmaster tools is to love Shanghai in order to better understand some of the problems of the webmaster and love needs Shanghai has set up, so, for the quality of the website, use >

third complaints are in 14 years in April to around 20, which is two days ago, love Shanghai Webmaster Tools index is 260, but the number of web pages found only more than 30 articles, I saw on the Internet said that if the index amount if much larger than the site value, can complaints, so that why, by third complaints, complaints and try it, although love Shanghai site out there is not much change, but the amount included in the webmaster tools to check out 2 days increased by more than 200, can also be said that there is a certain effect.

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