Content is king has to support the chain for the emperor out of it

Cross link A large number of

purchase link, usually buy rankings, one-way links high weight website, often the weight factors of two websites and other aspects are very far, you say so natural? Certainly not natural, such as a new station, through the purchase link, there are several good old home page weight a one-way link to you, nature, the old station will do such a good one-way links to you? Certainly not, nature can judge hyperlink belongs to cheating.

group links, before this can determine the mass content, the mass content of the link, the link belongs to the mass, that some people say that without content, only group links, actually this is not difficult to judge, with only a lot of links, not content, but also belong to the group, and this is not conducive to the user experience, because it is a link that links around no text, users do not know what this links to place the links inside is what kind of content, generally not to click on, that is only for the search engine.

At the beginning of the announcement of

last day in Shanghai Webmaster Platform also released the latest announcement, blow through hyperlinks to cheat, several cases, such as the lift: buy links, no value of cross links, large mass links, hidden links, not recommended meaning cross links, in the long and Shanghai Longfeng forum, Shanghai dragon group and webmaster, immediately there are a lot of people sigh Shanghai dragon is dead, after is the content and user experience of the world, the chain for the emperor to be eliminated. In fact, savor the bulletin kotsuru don’t think his content is king, the chain for the emperor to be eliminated, the following talk kotsuru understanding.

has repeatedly stressed that the deliberate manipulation, from the literal meaning that deliberately do some links, that is to say, the hyperlink layout of natural or no problem, that the chain or have some help, but for some deliberate hyperlink layout is hit, some people will say, so bad algorithm now? Can automatically identify what is the natural link, which is not a natural link. The small crane is not to say, after all, is not official, but from the content of the announcement can be so interpreted. As for this algorithm should be able to achieve, then from the analysis of several commonly used hyperlink algorithm can achieve the cheating.

value, cross link is better judgment, that what is of no value? Kotsuru that should be irrelevant, actually this before a lot of people say never mind not related, there are a lot of people think that the chain is not related to the useless, but now estimate not related the chain is not only useless, but also will affect the weight of your site and ranking, cross links that valuable or useful.

hidden links, some common methods for hidden links or better judgment, in fact, this problem belongs to the search engine search engine a commonplace talk of an old scholar problem, always said that spider is an ordinary user, not for hidden content to the user, specifically to see a spider.

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