A bitter cry Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon really fame it



made this blog from Nantong Shanghai dragon after 15 years, we have no rest, no basis for a website, the server does not understand the bird, make the first blog of the sense of achievement is quite high, whether it is reproduced or original, will take three hours to do in a day, up to now still, even though some of my own I write some people recognized, but overall is still very tired, tired that I have wanted to give up, but not willing to, for a highly educated, highly skilled people, perhaps only a day to do these things, will make life full of some.


remembered before stick to their original intention, with a dream, how many.

think of Shanghai Longfeng quickly for more than a year, contact Shanghai dragon chain from 2014, outside the chain for more than a year, was officially set foot on the road of Shanghai Longfeng marketing, if the chain period count the words, it is for two years, two years of memories of this road, psychological really there is an indescribable sense, many people think of Shanghai dragon style infinite, actually the sad bitter only oneself know, we still walk on the grass.

Shanghai dragon really unlimited scenery? Really unlimited scenery, packaging effect on their own, as the bitter grassroots webmaster, this is a part-time job, like Nantong Shanghai dragon, as long as we persist, every month can receive some considerable list, but the real operation, really very tired, in this a few days, every day is very late at night to sleep, not sleepy, but afraid to sleep, loss of opportunity, night is to look at the mobile phone, the number of people watching, WeChat public, many people are concerned, in the others, bought a couple of Internet marketing books, look at the side of the sleeping early wife, but there is a little psychological grief, young and frivolous to her promise, but the real attack quickly suspected of life.

remember several times, have questioned the sound around, every time published articles, that fear is not less than the lost money, their rankings do not go up, the hair is naturally questioned, when the success of the contributors to the blog, such as Lu Songsong Moonlight blog and A5, confidence will follow, also received the the list also has many, 10 people can consult 1 transactions, many people will say, wow, badly, but the truth is not the case, the high point of the list, can get three thousand, a little lower of the list, 400 dollars have, perhaps this is the grassroots webmaster fate. No, too many choices, people may only be forced to go back to reality, to betray it, think about all the funny, 400 dollars, to the people to do an ordinary site, does not include the server, also to guide the website of Shanghai Dragon Phoenix optimization, but earn hundred pieces on hand. Unless you are rich, do not care about the hundreds, but one hundred or two hundred dollars is the cost of living for a week, especially in the high consumption of the city.

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