A right Webmaster website optimization experience and the process of sharing

right of o master in the past 10 years, in November 15th the creation of the site is www.hazsj.cn site of the original plan is to do some difficult words, after a period of time, the third generation of sand making machine finally love Shanghai ranked first page. At this time, a colleague told me back the word high sand making machine, although the competition is not fierce, but it is very difficult to love Shanghai home, so I went to the word analysis, the conclusion is: do love Shanghai home is relatively easy. I was in the key words which added the word back, sand making machine, did not bother to add anchor text for the word, not a long time, suddenly one day back high sand making machine, the word ranking first in love in Shanghai. Very happy, thought that the word ranking never lost, but also so difficult. Did not think six days later it was third pages a month later, the time he was second or third pages, nearly two months time he saw a return, ranking to the first page, but this time in shorter time period: 3 days later! Until now he has been ranked second on the page, colleagues said: well I want to do the first page, the original estimate is a matter of time, I admit that now is not a matter of time, because the station began to have six months of time. Now that he is approach to the problem: if the counter type sand making machine and high sand making machine at the same time do love the first page of Shanghai, then back to high sand making machine is certainly on the first page. ..

first, a look at the specific facts, mining machinery industry is fierce competition in the network marketing, then directly resulted in the increase of website optimization difficulty.

is now a right to the idea of…Thus:

webmaster website optimization this contact mine machinery block has been for eight months, at this time in August a person feeling a lot of right website optimization has deep feeling, today a the right to experience mechanical site optimization and mining experience to share with everyone, in order to promote the common progress and growth logic if the theory is improper, please understand and classic

A right

in the optimization of counter high sand making machine at the same time, suddenly there is a word impact type sand making machine is also slightly larger ranked love Shanghai second pages, it is flowers flowers open, willow shade! Since there are good signs on the go with the flow, through my efforts it soon love Shanghai ranked first page, the word I think is accidental >

has tens of thousands of mining machinery manufacturers and dealers in the mainland Chinese, the number of websites that are due to too many to count, no regional division of network marketing and information transfer characteristics, fast speed, wide coverage, low price and good effect etc.. So, faced with such a large environment, market and fierce competition, how are we going to do site optimization? O right webmaster today take examples and discussion: "site optimization efforts have harvest, do not let down the topic"

website optimization at any time can not be let down, do your best, serious to treat every process.


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