Forwards Mining four link bait form

here is absolutely no other meaning, many people love to get together. This is not the forum. If you put a controversial topic, and then deliberately shifted a little, to the more popular popularity community, and then set a few vest, that is a considerable effect of bait. I remember the teacher Wang Tong in the "donkey nets events" in a written article "A" to B "link, then the A web page is B of the reverse link, this link is helpful to improve the B web page ranking. But the behavior of ganji贵族宝贝 now is: "A to A" links, this is not the reverse link, make an unnecessary move behavior." The controversial results is quite big, attracted a large number of people watching, comment, and there are a lot of links to the original. But there is a degree of Oh, can not distort the principle.

for linkbait believe most of the webmaster understand, but more details in this. This is the production link bait, today Hefei Shanghai dragon to ramble about the topic. Hefei Shanghai dragon think a successful linkbaiting must have two characteristics, one is someone someone reproduced, or is difficult to ascend the statements of a school is to be in good taste; the other SE included, or is buried in the internet. If this small two characteristics of the link is not "bait", might be a link. Each production link bait form methods are different, the bait form here only written Hefei Shanghai dragon in the process of production link bait in the form, if there is a better way of words, welcomed the exchange, supplement.

this is different to say, you know. The April 12th release of "3D meat Futon" as a guest in my station brought a lot of links.

put this at the end of three, because it is slightly difficult compared to the above. If you have code technology, can develop a small program for people to use, also can get external links, such as the WP theme or plugin. There is a point to write meaningful things, on the release of A5 and Chinaz, also can bring a number of links. Hey, looks like Hefei Shanghai dragon is doing this bait". The resource is not only valuable bait can bring the link, but also give your site to bring traffic, the traffic to.

2, fried controversial bait

3, fried edge ball bait

1, fried hot bait

4, fried resource bait

never worry about hot topics attract attention, but also pay attention to a hot topic of timeliness. For a news you first reported, even if your content is not high quality, can also obtain good bait. As a webmaster to timely capture may become a hot topic, especially for the dynamic industry, it is easy to be captured and reproduced by resonance. For example, the recent "live tour" event, the first time a friend stopped a few pictures under the simple narrative release out, get good link.

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