There is no rankings included live page analysis quality is the cause

for this case analysis for a website to find any binary, see what do you have in mind? A typical website full of greed, title, description, hate can fill a page. This site even if the weight be higher, but also have a common problem: do the best, after most of the rankings are back to the first page. The search engine is fair, if you are willing to replace the number of top quality rankings, you must accept this fact. If only by filling can meet the ranking, then Shanghai is not what dragon technology is.

typical keyword delimiter is wrong, because as keyword delimiter error led to a search engine: think you’re doing "website construction | web design | Shenzhen website construction | Chongqing website construction | Dongguan website construction | Shenzhen website optimization | Guangzhou website construction | website design | sub network interconnection | sub network business opportunities" this keyword, rather than separate: "construction site", "web design" and so on. As a result, the content of the website included more what? Or is difficult to take advantage in the single keyword.

there are some websites that are repetitive pages too high but not leisurely, such as: dynamic pages and static page content, page content conflict itself with the "template" conflict. Once the page is included, often the last message will appear a number of results included. Looks good, many search engines, but often to the end will be a search engine removed down, and the weight will be reduced a little. So for the majority of the sites, should be more strict control and dynamic page >





: a "full greedy thought"

key error cause

three: high repetition


also take this case to the case observed above, except that he is too greedy, as a webmaster you find what the problem? Please continue to observe below:

how to judge a page optimization quality? As a Shanghai dragon Er first is the "title, keywords, description tags" in writing. It can be said that if a good Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel, will be handled very properly. But there is a class of people, always think that as long as the key is filled the available resources, you can make all the keywords ranking, such as:

website for tens of thousands of, is not hope to get more traffic to get higher ranking? But some website even tens of thousands, traffic is not very high, this is what reason? Today to binary website "have included no ranking of the phenomena of individual viewpoint summary, can help to forget webmaster faq.

What is the

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