College students entrepreneurial success rate is only 3% minimal effect of how to break through

Abstract: entrepreneurship is a complex and difficult process, and the only way to improve college students’ entrepreneurial success is not the policy support, but also help not school incubators, these are external factors can not affect the essence of the development, the most important thing is the knowledge through the Internet investment to enhance the students entrepreneurial ability.

China business students

history can be traced back to the beginning of reform and opening up, and a wide range of entrepreneurship is the first contest of college students entrepreneurship design held in 1998 after the rapid development of the Tsinghua University. Their participation has injected a new vitality into the army.

college students entrepreneurial rate, increasing year by year

in the social economic situation of today’s College Students’ entrepreneurship, compared to the past has more market opportunities, entrepreneurship rate is increasing year by year, according to the (employment report) statistics, only 0.9%, 2009 to 2014, undergraduate entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship rate rose to 2.9%, to 2015, the rate of entrepreneurship has reached 6.3%. In the face of these data, can not help but have a question, what is the reason for college students have chosen to start a business?

after the investigation, the current entrepreneurship rate increased year by year, there are two main reasons, one is with impulse and curiosity, especially for college students entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial risk is low, the success of the pressure on the smaller, more practice to try holding the mind; on the other hand, the employment pressure is quite large, along with the constant expansion of higher education and the financial crisis, the Chinese university graduates employment pressure is more and more big. From the number of students graduating in 2011, there will be 30% of the graduates to find a job, in other words, underachievement, when students want to rely on their own business to realize the dream, especially for education and training, individual retail, Internet business and other industries, low start-up costs, no high requirement threshold. This is another impetus for the entrepreneurship of College students.

entrepreneurial environment, year after year optimization

in the case of increasing the rate of college students, the party and the government also encourage college students to start their own businesses, and to promote entrepreneurship as one of the measures to ease the employment pressure. Especially in recent years, the state has introduced a number of preferential policies to encourage college students to start their own businesses, local government departments have also launched a park for college students, entrepreneurship education and training centers, etc.. In April 25, 2016, Premier Li Keqiang visited Sichuan, also stressed that college students are an important driving force for social development;

school has also done a lot of efforts in this regard, many domestic colleges and universities have also created their own entrepreneurial park, providing support for students to entrepreneurship, in order to encourage college students to start their own business.

entrepreneurial success rate, minimal

under the premise of continuous improvement of various conditions, the possibility of college students into the reality of the opportunity to increase. In addition, as a special group of college students, college students have a relatively high level of Education

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