Shanghai Longfeng electric district game brush love Shanghai drop down box that little thing

Shanghai love to do before

brush after

Because before

has successfully made the brush love Shanghai drop-down box, then the electricity supplier shopping mall, business circle has become a hot search terms. Once you love Shanghai in search of the words "business", love Shanghai will think of the business circle mall, shopping guide the search business, because love will think you love Shanghai Shanghai search "electric business circle" is to search the business district shopping mall, such as electric keywords. So for the two words do good website, will give good rankings. So there is a dark horse. But this behavior is not strictly prohibited and no ground for blame, the Shanghai love to brush the drop-down box.


determine the key words to the brush, and then do the site keywords layout, home page, category pages, content pages to make the distribution of keywords, and density. For example, title, description, keywords, and the distribution in the text. Then is the chain anchor text, including Links are business mall, business guide.

brush drop-down box

drop-down box


since others have a good brush, then we can take advantage of it, so there are a lot of other sites title, keywords, description began to modify and do within the chain, the chain anchor text like work. This is undoubtedly also want to share with others a good brush these words. According to the observation, the website ranking is really good. The latter effect is that once you stop loving Shanghai brush drop-down box, after a period of time, those keywords brush will lose efficacy, but.

introduction to love Shanghai

electric district of Shanghai Longfeng game has been done at the last stage, also appeared in some of the dark, dark horse appears mainly thanks to the love of Shanghai brush drop-down box. But this situation let many players are Speechless ah, fairness has lost the game after all such behavior, but there are still some friends love Shanghai drop-down box a cup of soup. In fact, I have no objection to this approach, it is also a means of Shanghai dragon, the organizers did not ban.

There will be a

a lot of players in the final stages of fight outside the chain, looking for the chain, to carry out the construction of the chain; there is a group of people to the center in Shanghai love elsewhere, brush the drop-down box. Here probably say love Shanghai brush drop-down box is how one thing, love Shanghai brush drop-down box is through some software related words in Shanghai love the search box frequently brush and a keyword (to proxy IP). Love Shanghai business circle game such as drop-down box on this some people choose to brush the keyword "electricity business circle". The main brush is the business district of electrical mall, guide the two words. This is a direct result when the search power consumption, power shopping mall, shopping guide business appears in the drop-down box.

love Shanghai brush drop-down box after

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