Still infatuated with Airbnb Shared office is more subversive in the domestic marketRobin Li future

search scenarios can use natural language, and no tools are needed in the future.

May 27th news yesterday, Robin Li will give a speech at a number of Bo, once again talked about artificial intelligence, he said, many people think that artificial intelligence is to make the computer simulation in the human brain, in fact, this is a big misunderstanding.

But why do we say

. In a large ecological and large time span to see "shared" office space, they adapt and influence will be a change in the overall office habits. From the point of view of the times, it is now in the Post Internet era. And look at the current office habits, in addition to a small part of the head of technology start-ups, the overall office habits are already and mobile Internet

in just one year, the technology of artificial intelligence has changed a lot.

will human beings be controlled by artificial intelligence? I have been firmly convinced that I will not.

, we need to cultivate AI thinking and prepare for future possibilities early.

at the same time, he believes that the most valuable thing in the era of artificial intelligence is not data, it is technological innovation brought about by data. Humans will not be controlled by artificial intelligence, but AI thinking is needed to prepare for future possibilities early.

in the future, sh419 should not be called Internet Co, but should be called an artificial intelligence company.

sh419 should not be called Internet Co in the future,

Robin Li speech main point of view:

artificial intelligence is to let computers simulate the human brain,

Robin Li: I think the concept of ‘Internet Co’ is really not particularly suitable now. The reason is that the popularity of the Internet has been very, very high. For example, we have a meeting here today, the hotel called the Hyatt Regency, we cannot say that Hyatt Regency is a power company, although we are in the hotel no matter what all want to use electricity, the Internet is the same, when any one company to do it today in the business, no matter what business, have to use the Internet so, this time I say it is a "Internet Co", I think it really has little significance.

is an artificial Intelligent Company? Because the artificial intelligence is now just beginning to enter into various fields, many technology is still in rapid development, many applications did not get enough attention, so we are now more hope which brings new possibilities to the big house about artificial intelligence."

speech, Robin Li took the Expo Check Inn Hotel as an example, describing the speech at the sh419 alliance summit a few days ago –

the most valuable thing in the era of artificial intelligence is not data. It is technological innovation brought about by data.

is the full text of the speech: from the WeChat public number "sh419" ID:sh419_2000.

for the future of mobile office era, referred to in the above referred to the centralized rental management, that is, the current application of "sharing" concept, will become a very positive revolution.

actually, that’s a big misunderstanding.

should be called an artificial intelligence company.

many people think that artificial intelligence is to let the computer simulate the human brain, in fact, this is a big misunderstanding.

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At the beginning of the Under the influence of the mobile Internet, the whole office ecology and the form of the office in the future will show a centralized and mixed process in the next ten years in

although Airbnb model in the world is generally optimistic about, but from the current performance in the Chinese market, but far from satisfactory. In the domestic "sharing" concept, when talking about subversion, Airbnb subversion of the hotel is far from people’s imagination. First, China’s landlords and consumers spend a lot of time growing. That’s why it’s a trend in the long run, but it’s hard to grow fast in the short term. Secondly, the relationship between the hotel accommodation, more to supplement, rather than the subversion.

if you want to talk about subversion, sharing with the corresponding office space is ready with more energy. Just like hotels, they can meet the needs of people for travel and accommodation, but they don’t need so many offices in the future. "The overall ecology of the office will change as the mobile office moves further forward. Everyone may be able to work on the move, which will reduce office demand by half, 1/3, or even less." Jiang Tao, a venture capitalist in Gobi, made such predictions. In the office demand rate down, how to revitalize commercial real estate, the mission will fall in the "shared" office space. Different from the complementary pension sharing, sharing office shows will be replaced and demand more just. That is to say, Airbnb can not eliminate hotels, and office revolution will be based on the traditional property management model for the office.

‘s hottest "sharing" concept, however, is focused on decentralized rental management. For the housing "sharing", Airbnb can be described as the originator. In the "Airbnb" localization of dissatisfaction, could not help but to think, to share "housing" in the end how to play it? Few people will take office and breakfast together to match. However, if they are placed in the current "sharing" trend, such comparisons can precisely reflect the characteristics of their respective market trends. This is the mobile Internet for the entire human production lifestyle brought about the biggest change. In the future, the boundaries of work and leisure will no longer be obvious, but will gradually mix and converge. Cafe style office is now an obvious feature of the opening of the future.

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