Listing soared about 20000000 or the new three plate and shell resources peak priceHow to make your

however, it is undeniable that the new three plate and shell resources are still in the market. Relaxation told reporters that the shell has many uses, such as some innovative enterprises, non-standard, or just hope that some of the shares listed, can be through backdoor.

twenty-first Century Business Herald reporter learned that the new three board market shell resources at least 20 million onwards. Some only a net shell fee of more than 20 million, plus 2 million of the financial advisory fees and brokerage fees, catching up with 30 million shell resources. However, shell prices have declined since the beginning of the year.

as of May 18th, the number of new three board listing reached 7308, the end of the year will break through 10000. Three new board each month to increase the number of hundreds. The largest number of new listing, reaching 744. Last month, the number of new offerings reached 596.

"just helped sell a shell earlier, about 20000000, the deal has been completed."." Beijing, a business engaged in the new three board told reporters.

Zhang further explained that one is the size of a small stock return more anxious may choose in the new third market backdoor; two is the number of energy, the Internet, catering enterprises finance is not standard, if its implementation specification requires a longer time, so choose to quickly achieve backdoor listing; three is the number of the condition is not satisfied for example, Nanfu battery backdoor listed on the new board, the actual control is changed, share transfer system in accordance with the requirements for a period of time to apply for listing, in order to quickly choose backdoor listing will.

in this context, the new three plate and shell resources have markets? Many engaged in the new three panel told reporters, shell resources are still market. In fact, the reporter learned that many people are still looking for the right shell, while there are shells constantly looking for buyers.

Abstract: whether the stock is restricted will bring the market of the new three plate and shell resources?. "Three new board will break through 10000 at the end of the year, the stock will be two hundred or three hundred, fully digested, so the new three board shell will not be too valuable."."

is currently in the stock market return to the domestic market under restrictions, the new three board or become a stock market in the new direction of return. For example, the NASDAQ delisting is Jiayuan, it is through a merger with the new board of enterprise baihe, curve to return to the domestic market. Moreover, some of the stocks are profitable, and the demand is not satisfied with the A share market, and the new three board has become the best choice at present.

, set up information platform in Web advertising planning, the first step is to do the work of planning is to construct the information platform, it is necessary to lay a good foundation for Web advertising creative, last performance, production and site selection, release the strategic behavior. Web advertising planning activities to build the information platform mainly includes the following aspects:

1, clear advertising target information. Advertising goals guide the direction of advertising, which is also the same as in Web advertising

  the ultimate goal of advertising is to sell or build brand equity. This is true of both traditional media advertising and Web advertising. It can be said that no matter whether your advertisement is in direct selling point or in the establishment of brand image, the ultimate meaning of advertising lies in the change of sales status after the dissemination of advertising information. How do you make your Web ads more effective? This may be a common concern of advertisers and agents. Plan for efficient Web advertising must rely on strategy, make the appropriate Web ads show in front of the appropriate object, in order to attract audiences to click and browse the results, and participate in the activities of your advertising message.

the effective audience of advertising is the appropriate user needed by advertisers, that is, the target of advertising. Only by allowing your right user to participate in advertising information activities can you make the best use of advertising and save the advertiser’s labor and expenses. The characteristics of the Internet media determine the differences in the mode of communication, the effectiveness of Web advertising and the traditional media advertising, and also make the audience receive a great difference in the mode of acceptance and acceptance of Web advertising communication. Web advertising is the biggest characteristic of the interaction between the receivers and optional. When the audience moves the mouse in front of the computer screen and chooses the information actively, many factors influence the spread of the advertisement information, and at the same time affect the decision of the audience, and then influence the effect of the advertisement. Such as the popularity of websites, the form of advertisement and the skills of browsing advertisements. The factors that determine the audience’s choice are the effectiveness and interest of the information content. The audience always chooses what they need and can produce some kind of benefit to him. In addition, they will choose some entertaining, interesting information such as game ads, etc., which may become an Internet user’s regulatory choice. These are the Web advertising planning should consider the object. So how do you plan to make more effective advertising objects click or browse your Web ads? This should be from the Web advertising planning process to strategic thinking, and this point of view and traditional media advertising planning has some similarities. But because the network media and the network audience have the specific nature, therefore in the Web advertisement’s strategic plan process, must combine the network inherent characteristic to consider. Generally speaking, the network advertisement plan must construct a plan platform first, then carries on the strategy and the tactical deployment, finally must design a test plan.

shares are limited, whether it will bring new three plate and shell resources to bring the market?. "Three new board will break through 10000 at the end of the year, the stock will be two hundred or three hundred, fully digested, so the new three board shell will not be too valuable."." Relaxation told reporters.

"new three plate and shell resources, or the market, because there is demand.". But not all shells are valuable. A >

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