Love Shanghai official the low quality site measures have been effective

dear Webmaster:

although our strategy has reached a very high accuracy rate, but still inevitably appear accidental injury situation, if you believe that your site is wrong, please feedback through the 贵族宝贝tousu.baidu贵族宝贝/webmaster/suggest channel. Although we cannot feedback on one reply, but for every online feedback, will be carefully analyzed, and the analysis results reflect to the next upgrade.

this update is the beginning of a series of projects, after the love of Shanghai anti cheating major update strategy and data, will be notified by Webmaster Platform; soon after.

in our assessment, this upgrade will affect the search traffic 5%. For the common user search experience will be enhanced, compared to before, the affected Query will show higher quality, more authoritative results; to provide quality, original webmaster resources, because we have reduced or even eliminated the low quality of the site’s ranking, you will get more traffic from Shanghai love.

love Shanghai web search anti cheating team

due to reasons, we are unable to provide details of this update strategy.

reiterated Shanghai’s position here, love: to provide high quality results for users; to ensure the healthy development of the Internet Ecosystem; therefore we encourage original quality content (means more traffic, cheating / return) for low quality content will not be tolerated. We will not stop updating the sorting system, to ensure its correctness.


As everyone knows

recently in the online discussion 6.22 and raise a Babel of criticism of the 6.28 events, we think it is necessary to explain what happened here. In order to enhance the love of Shanghai user’s search experience, let the healthy development of the Internet Ecosystem, we updated some anti cheating strategies and characteristics in the near future, these strategies has gradually come into effect in late June 21st. This update for the low quality of the site in the search results show more of control; low quality sites refer to: no original or false original (rarely original content, or content / machine generated a large collection of the Amendment); this part of the site is not designed for end users, but only in order to get traffic from the search engine.

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