The website ranking dropped should be how to remedy

, an analysis of the reasons of

3, in addition to 1 to 2 original high quality to their website content, but also to prepare 1 to 2 articles and their related website theme to the blog, space, business network, forums, and also to do regularly, quality and quantity of operation, it is both update blog, space, forum like update >

1, a good result. First of all want to complete their work, to do anything before like special forces like to have a plan and goals, so that when we have a working plan and goal, promotion operations every day can be planned to do the station, but when the site where the problems when we find out the bugs in the work, it was timely.

if your site in the rankings did not fall before the overall ranking is relatively stable and basically stay in Shanghai love home before 6, due to the decline in ranking websites can be divided into two types: one is probably because of the quality of some of the content you’ve released the follow, there is your chain and the chain to add a problem, cause website ranking drop is inevitable factors; another is probably not stick well, many enterprises believe that station is a person responsible for the operation management of the entire site, may also be due to a long time physical fatigue and did not insist on doing the promotion operation. Factors leading to the decline in ranking websites. The current promotion operation in Shanghai makeup school website is this, is because some time ago due to a long non-stop to the website to promote the maintenance, but due to personal physical fatigue, lack of energy and cause a day not a normal work done for the day to do the task, but the original ranking good site also followed suffer.


remedyWork plans and objectives of

introduction: promotion operation process on the site, usually due to improper operation often encounter a sudden drop in the search engine rankings, many owners will often complain is not love Shanghai what the hell, and whether the algorithm in the update, when your site key word down in the search engine, can tell you are currently in the website promotion operation where the problem, then we can find out the method to solve the symptomatic site fundamentally good ranking.

so, when the website ranking off we should be how to remedy? How to make the website fundamentally good rankings? Shanghai makeup school Xiaobian previous promotion experience the following points, hope to be able to help in this regard is lost in the webmaster friends.

2, for their own websites I think try not to reprint of others on the site or the latest articles, best to release some of the original good quality point of content, content and site theme related to small and medium enterprises, general station released every day 1 to 2 article original content on it, the number of update and maintain regular updates released every day.

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