Wang Sicong investment 17 can red to October

lead: "sun" and "two elements to meet the user’s curiosity and want to pry, but this is clearly not the team expected to see.


, an application called "17", is rapidly taking over your social network. People talk about it, except the beautiful long legs, and the husband of Wang Sicong".

points into the App, you will find him and some of the most try to fire the image or video social applications are very similar, the user can send their own pictures or video social. But the biggest difference is that the user can live video, or watch other people’s live video; and the user’s personal page will show the same day income.

then, you don’t know what is behind this was born in Taiwan, not only Taiwan actor and singer Stanley Huang’s brother Jeff Huang as co-founder, son of Wang Jianlin Wang Sicong and Wanda Group investment.

set up a year or so entrepreneurial team in Taiwan, a total of four on-line App Apple application store, the most successful is the name of the most alternative, "the 17". Taiwan said that the Internet has just started, but the App silently grabbed the many parts of Asia Free Download ranking champion, and began to affect the markets outside of asia.

currently has 2 million 200 thousand users per day online up to 70 to 900 thousand people. With the explosion of red on the network, this product is currently facing the biggest problem is the basic operating costs, such as bandwidth, and then bring the server was burst. The co-founder of the company had hoped to accumulate tens of millions of users within six months, and this is an unimaginable number of any Internet Co in Taiwan.

the team’s name is "MachiPoPo" (Magee wave). "Machi" is the word "understanding" inflection, meaning the relationship between two people is better, and the team’s first product name is also called "good Magee", hit the stranger to make new friends, its main function is to share photos and diaries, and the introduction of "community" concept. The overall style is similar to unfamiliar street, the core user membership fees. Subsequently, the team launched the flagship encounter love second applications KoiKoi, and the application of the third version of the Machi Halo overseas.

As for the "

17", "loyalty" is a homonym, also has the meaning of "together".

Lin Zhichen, founder and partner of

accelerator in Taiwan in early 2015 and the company began to contact, and then its main product is Machi, and now the hottest 17 is still in the development of the. This time, MachiPoPo is seeking Angel round of financing. Lin told Tencent technology, he participated in the main reason is the investment in the team. Two founders, a technology is very strong, fast learning, development is also very fast, and the other in the performing arts sector has a strong appeal to drive the star to join.


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