Hangzhou Shanghai dragon feather teacher how to do the first love Shanghai

to do a simple introduction: feather, net love is sharing, a senior lecturer in the Shanghai dragon moon. The website is a wordpress blog program, the theme designed by Xiao Han teacher. The domain name www.***贵族宝贝, is a new domain name, so love Shanghai still pay close attention to the new domain name. Not much to say, to analyze how feathers he put Hangzhou Shanghai dragon do the first, before he himself shared how he made Hangzhou Shanghai dragon do the first, please look at the original "feather: I is how to do the first Hangzhou Shanghai dragon", but the fat in another way analysis to the webmaster friends as a reference.

Chinese: Chinese love Shanghai word segmentation is doing great, see his title to know. Here don’t do too much because I mentioned in brief, "you don’t know the secret love Shanghai Chinese word three point principle" one article, you can read. Shanghai is ranked one of the most important factors of first love.


: why resources first talk about resources, because I think this is the most important, the spider spins to build the network is to live, and do Shanghai dragon to have the resources to do for a long time. Go more far. Because it will continue to encourage you to learn and grow. Badminton is a senior lecturer in public class YY6359 channel, about two classes a week, the content is his own research, and to share with you, this content is very useful, and a large number of fans, special significance, a webmaster to listen to his class, feeling he was very help, directly gave him a single strand of PR5, this is the selfless help others of the meaning and function. Click on the site and the message is also very much, you open a look at the know, basically is the webmaster visitors in the class. So fat here, what good things to share with everyone you will get more, because the technology focuses on communication and discussion.


chain: using the 28 principle, 80% Hangzhou Shanghai dragon, 20% is Hangzhou site optimization. Shanghai is ranked one of the most important factors of first love.

advantage: WordPress program is very popular search engines love, with the use of plug-ins plus, that is quite good, here mainly introduce his blog on the tag plugin, because the tab is greater than the content page, here is equivalent to edit love sea encyclopedia increase the chain is the same reason. The significance is to provide users with better.

in the chain: a reasonable, can not see where is excessive optimization within the chain, naturally, is also quite a dozen advertising content. Good writing skills.

content: his content is targeted and technical articles, collect and solve problems and search engine algorithm is the latest and most popular Shanghai dragon technology. General technology is the lecture, and order to contribute above A5.

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