Analysis about 90 guy website optimization

partner of Shanghai dragon head over, like a very nb. With a few PPT, we had a meeting. The book written by those who say the market inside a pass, but they really do. Like the inside pages according to the commodity attribute, brand polymerization and other properties of polymerization ah, as well as for the popular keyword promotion activities. However, their left hand, the chain and the chain expansion team, don’t speak. Then, they use their promotion methods and PPC, firmly hold the top keywords. We barely a few pages on the first page, is still not popular brand and the city.

inherited a booking website. The goods are taken over resources from the partners. Then began to site are built of a simple box, what products are approved by the JS in it. So the entire site is down, some of the few pages, and many are repeat title. Although spent a lot of effort to promote, not too much traffic over.

took over a site, from day 900 to the beginning of the flow, a little more than 3000 days now. To share with you some experiences.

team of Shanghai Longfeng concern of many people, good leadership is more familiar, then do the man page design is very support, such as bread crumbs H1 these are basically, we do not need to say, he can add up. Good team is very rare, but the design behind do not know what reason, to do sales (this may be his pursuit direction.). The new guy is obviously a big gap, or do not cut, or the professional chain and the recommended position to squeeze crooked, wasted energy.

In fact, Second step

of course, this is something that we, because just started, what haven’t done. >

well, a month’s time, it came up, adding several thousand. With the promotion of influence at that time, there has been some preliminary page keyword ranking. Increased the number of traffic. This makes me happy is the nobility of the baby, the first day, second day began to climb, a week to get data, PV also increased significantly, the data has changed. A shot in the arm.

partners over a vice president. On the one hand is staring at us more hard work, on the other hand also spread some of their ideas.

The first step of

, in the chain of static, I put all the city all separately made independent pages, URL planning is the biggest problem. I began to think of the shorter the better, more effort to technical reasons. We use some compromise directory structure (this is my back now to the first failure, but the weight has been up, URL pages are not again again. So Shanghai Longfeng the first principle is to adhere to, rather slow not wrong, late return cost is not acceptable. Then all the city in accordance with the adjacent position), do one.

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