Google wonderful you really don’t understand it Chinese

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before Google and Shanghai love competition, Google cannot do love Shanghai, although Google is the leader in the global scope, but in the year when Chinese market share of 30% even to the ceiling, love Shanghai more understand Chinese, love Shanghai more understand Chinese, become the foreign monks Google always difficult to overcome the barrier, but this is not finished, then Google were driven into the Hongkong market share further decline, is not the worst, the last 360 search line, had to rely on a flow rate of 360 to the browser is not complete, and now the market share need not say, less than 5% that has been basically to the state was not essential.

why is Google really do not understand Chinese, really do not understand Chinese, all know that Chinese people hate the most is the most hated is advertising, advertising, advertising is the most unbearable, regardless of the occasion, see advertisements on television for Taiwan, on the site see a closed website before advertising, well, advertisements are distinguished by their color, and in the upper right corner to write small link words, do not pay attention to the words also can not see is advertising, but like the other love Shanghai, Sogou used a relatively neutral word promotion, ordinary people not to understand advertising to Kazakhstan, but now Google living in AD two words, two words from the advertisement looks really is advertising, but do not know if this advertisement will not have to. That is showing courage? Or to a life-and-death struggle? I don’t know what Google is doing in mind, to make such a wonderful thing, too unbelievable!

to the two idioms a life-and-death struggle, we are not unfamiliar, not Google now in Chinese adopted this strategy, earlier heard Google advertising display adjustment, at that time I remember is that


because of the revised presentation has not come out, so it has been not too much, but today see Google’s new advertising display, but also wonderful, the word is not see change, link to is really changed much, but there is one of the most obvious changes, it is the use of advertising two the word mark, but also with the eye-catching yellow.

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