Shanghai Dragon into Anti optimization times what we should do


and the profitability of a website in the past few years, also began to pursue the most high ranking, flow slowly until now may tend to be more formal website to find customers accurate! That is to say, in today’s increasingly competitive Internet era, Shanghai dragon optimization flow on profitability is not the most important! Especially for enterprise website of Shanghai dragon, are fundamental to the profitable word to be precise directional optimization! He seemed a bit like the SEM auction, but the fact is true, or on the Dragon Phoenix really start step by step deeper into orbit

Shanghai dragon

may have some webmaster friends to see the title will say: Hey, this Xin Yongbao also want to ask what? Shanghai Longfeng search engine optimization can work so sacred let me say "anti" "anti"? Don’t worry, and listen carefully to the permanent treasure with you:

say, permanent treasure from Shanghai dragon contact webmaster circle until now, always thought that in the continuous exploration and rapid growth continue to break in, but when one day getting tired and began to pay no results or results but not your own mind, to the time, permanent treasure the heart is the collapse of… Remember there was a time, always don’t believe in yourself, "

just said that if Yong Bao is all about reality in Shanghai Longfeng optimization of things, I think the permanent treasure may also have to talk about the so-called "anti" optimization of Shanghai dragon age how should we face?

we have to admit that there is a search engine optimization from Shanghai dragon appeared at the moment will never stop! But before many of the original we think is very conducive to the optimization of things, now might turn up… For example, keyword stuffing this one, regardless of the site of Title description or website article content in piling from the original, the higher the density may stack keywords ranking will be better later gradually evolved into the present arrangement must be keywords the most natural way is the most conducive to the website optimization! In fact, with the prior density may to some extent draw further apart "anti -" come,

we also need to understand: in fact, is not to say that the original search engine began to change now is supposed to, is the search engine more and more intelligent, but may be from a large hand, search engine is adjusted to do black, gray hat Shanghai dragon people cheat back and should also take this key words! An optimization, because when all optimization personnel or friends know how users can stack keywords website keywords ranking promotion, website content may begin to define the keywords directly to not pay attention to! But such things may not have practical significance! But the most important is that the real buried the search engine, to provide the keywords the user really high quality, the best matching website

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