How to improve the conversion rate of price actually love Shanghai



love Shanghai bidding, station of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs marketing battlefield, no way, who is love Shanghai boss, and occupy a 80% share of the search market, everyone wants to get a return from here, but the money in the hands of the money, how to maximize the use of this, some knowledge, and a lot is not taken seriously, so it appears that burn.

of our enterprise, some for a long time the station do have price has been almost two years, a few stand together, I forget, in love in Shanghai is almost 300 thousand or so, I said it is also the first person in our company to optimize, we used money to love in Shanghai, we have no special management, we give the money, the other is love Shanghai customer service personnel to help us deal with, how to deal with the treatment, reasonable, money is not the place to spend, which no one knows, only know that when the money is not there, but also charge money, here, many companies have estimated that, because their companies have no personal care, love in Shanghai was the price that simple, hard to say.


, 2 series stainless steel plate, stainless steel plate, stainless steel plate 3 Series 4 series such as Guan Jian, the next step is the word inside, such as stainless steel plate, it is Guan Jian "super wide stainless steel plate, stainless steel plate, stainless steel plate type extension, such as the 3 Series stainless steel plate or stainless steel plate inside: 304 316, stainless steel plate and the like, and is creative, creative is closely linked to the Guan Jian word, the creative description must have correlation, correlation of love Shanghai very important, whether it is price bidding, or Shanghai Longfeng, are the first, as shown in figure


love Shanghai bidding bidding account is established firstly, and then the next is the account structure is built, the first is to establish the promotion plan, Shanghai is currently allowed to love is to build ten promotion plan, after the promotion plan below is the promotion unit, a promotion plan can have one hundred promotion unit, then promotion unit inside the Guan Jian word is creative and promotion, a promotion unit can put one thousand words by Guan Jian, so in theory a love Shanghai account can accommodate about 100 thousand words of Guan Jian. Here referred to the three layer structure, promotion plan, promotion unit, bidding promotion plan named Guan Jian, Guan Jian words closely inside, such as our company is made of stainless steel, the promotion plan is called stainless steel, as shown in figure

A total of five or six

then the promotion unit, promotion unit is also closely Guan Jian words, because the steel has a variety of models and brands, so the promotion plan can be stainless steel plate, stainless steel tube, stainless steel rods, stainless steel belt and so on, or is related to the grade, as shown in figure


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